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by Stephen King

Adapted for the stage by Simon Moore

Cast – Paul Taylor, Gerri Farrell

Director Tom Neill

Best-selling romantic fiction novelist Paul Sheldon retires each winter to the snow-covered hills of Colorado to write another work featuring his beautiful heroine Misery Chastain. Driving whilst inebriated, he encounters severe weather and his car goes off the road. He comes to in a strange, dilapidated farmhouse, isolated from the outside world by the blizzard and occupied by Annie, his ‘Number One Fan’, who promises to nurse him back to health.

But there’s something that just isn’t quite right about Annie. And Paul’s about to find out what. So begins his descent into a living hell as he is forced to write to stay alive. For if he doesn’t, if he’s a ‘dirty-birdie’ and doesn’t do what nurse tells him, she’s going to make him scream and scream…

Heart-stopping thrills and super-cruel spills abound in this stunning production of the Stephen King classic.