Sherlock Holmes: The Sign Of Four

“ Saw Sherlock Holmes, ‘The Sign of Four’ on Saturday, fantastic show. a good quality production, great acting. and characterization. Really enjoyed it 

“ @Blackeyedtheatr Really enjoyed #signoffour last night. Well done to everybody involved!! #sherlock 

“ Superb performance last night. A must see #thesignoffour @Blackeyedtheatr 

 ‪Superb performance of The Sign of Four by @Blackeyedtheatr at @MumfordTheatre in Cambridge last night – and a great set too. Even the GCSE students were hooked 

“ @Blackeyedtheatr half way through the sign of four @CORNERSTONEfun, as brilliantly performed and produced as every other show of yours that I’ve seen. Bravo and Brava (as appropriate) to all involved 

 ‪Please don’t miss this tweeps- it’s a great night out- and there is nothing elementary about it! Acting if the highest quality 

“ I saw this today and it was excellent. Well done to all the cast and crew, and to the staff for making it such an enjoyable afternoon. Top day out 

“ ‪Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s performance at Wolverhampton. What a lot of talent packed into six people 

” ‪Another brilliant show at the Wolverhampton Arena. Looking forward to your next one “

“ Just fantastic – my first ever experience of theatre and surpassed all expectation! 

“ Absolutely fantastic. Can’t rate Black Eyed Theatre highly enough. Looking forward to Jane Eyre in 2019 🙂 X 

“ Just been to see this in Wolverhampton. Was pleasantly surprise by the talent of the actors and the style of the performance. Can’t wait until the next show x 

“ Thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s performance, unique style of production, congratulations to the cast for an excellent night’s entertainment 

“ We came to see this last night.. it was absolutely brilliant. Such talent! 

“ Enjoyable Saturday afternoon – cast brilliant, versatile and very talented 

 ‪Enjoyable show, talented cast, sherlock sounded very much like clive merrison from the radio episodes

“ Both my wife and I attended the performance of the above production last evening 31 October 2018. We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the performance.  Such a talented and enthusiastic group of actors and actress it was a real joy to watch. We were mesmerised by the skill not only of the acting but the music and the way that the props on the stage were managed for each scene. A truly exceptional performance by exceptional actors 

“ Absolutely fantastic afternoon at the Lichfield Garrick – Sherlock Holmes The Sign of Four – brilliant cast. So very talented and versatile- will be keeping watch for more of your performances 

“ Just seen the Sign of Four at the Haymarket in Basingstoke. Very enjoyable, slick performance. Admirable playing of many instruments by the cast 

 ‪Brilliant night watching Sherlock Holmes in Basingstoke. The whole cast was amazing the staging was brilliant. As always a top notch production from Blackeyed Theatre 

“ Totally amazing, took our 8yo n 10yo to the theatre for the first time, you kept them entranced, thank you! 

 ‪@LboroTownHall Great show tonight. Cannot decide which character I liked most. #SherlockHolmes #Sherlock 

“ Just saw Sherlock Holmes: A Sign of Four at the Haymarket theatre! Absolutely brilliant production! The cast played their parts wonderfully!! Highly recommended for all fans of the famous detective!!! @Blackeyedtheatr #sherlockholmes #signoffour 

“ ‪What a fantastic show #SherlockHolmes #TheSignOfFour Congratulations to the formidable, multi-talented and compelling cast. @joederrington @Luke_M_Barton @stephanieruther I wished I could have chatted to you afterwards- you were brilliant. Thanks @AnvilArts @Blackeyedtheatr 

” ‪Outstanding performance of The Sign of Four @OctagonYeovil by @Blackeyedtheatr my daughter and friend @GryphonSchool gained lots from the play. As did I. Thoroughly engaging throughout…outstanding acting #GCSE #setbooks “

“ Thanks @Blackeyedtheatr for a great performance @OctagonYeovil . A fantastic evening, so clever! 

“ Just looking for the Basingstoke Q&A post to share to encourage people to come see this awesome play and spotted this brill pic. Well done all, as a SH fan you did ACD proud all 

“ Enjoyable Saturday afternoon – cast brilliant, versatile and very talented 

“ What a treat it was for us this evening! We had a group of 10 year olds and parents and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The set was deceptively simple but so creative. Just by the turn of a box, classic columns, boats, piers and forts were suggested. It was great for all of us, especially kids to be able to use their imaginations & fill-in the gaps. The performances were vivid and the multiple characters, so deft. It lead us all at such a pace. No mean feat to keep the kids so engaged either. They couldn’t believe the actors were playing the music as well. It was a proper intro to Sherlock Holmes and done in such style. A really memorable evening. Am just sorry it wasn’t foggy when we came out of the theatre! Thanks to All involved. We really appreciated it. 

“ @Blackeyedtheatr every year, every show… amazing. Loved Sherlock @AtkinsonThe fantastic acting, creativity and direction. Honestly (as a writer,director & actor myself) it’s shows like this that make me want to give the whole thing up. Just magical. Thank you 

“ Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four, what an absolute joy of a play to watch tonight. Fourth year running we’ve seen you at the Atkinson. I’m always astounded by the performances and ingenuity of the sets you bring to the theatre. Bravo and please keep returning 

 ‪Just back from the show in Lowestoft absolutely fantastic thank you for a very enjoyable night

“ @WatersideArts Hi. What a treat this evening! Sherlock Holmes – Sign of 4. So creative and atmospheric. A real roller coaster! 

 ‪@Blackeyedtheatr Just seen a brilliant adaptation of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes ‘The Sign of Four’ in Sale-superb acting by all concerned 

“ Loved ‪#sherlockholmes ‪@WatersideArts ! Fantastic story & brilliant cast- enjoyed every minute 

“ ‪Brilliant production starring a very talented cast. Beautifully designed, aesthetically gorgeous and a really enjoyable evening all round, Highly recommended!! X

” ‪Fantastic evening at @MarinaTheatre1 #lowestoft watching Sherlock Holmes Sign of 4. Amazing talent and great use of scenery! And a plus it being on my wonderful Mum’s birthday! Great birthday present “

“ @Blackeyedtheatr @TheatreRoyalBSE on Friday – The Sign of Four was superb. Great interpretation of a classic Sherlock Holmes, adapted by Nick Lane. Thank you 

Excellent performance of Sign of 4 by @Blackeyedtheatr today! Holmes &Watson sublime!#livetheatre#burystedmunds 

“ Just been to see Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four by @Blackeyedtheatr at @TheatreRoyalBSE and it was absolutely amazing!!! The show was phenomenal and the cast are ever so lovely 

“ Amazing production of Sign of Four at the @Blackeyedtheatr tonight. So true to the text you shouldn’t study GCSE Lit without it! 

 ‪A very stylish production, faithful to the story, beautifully acted and presented by the company. Well done team, good luck with the whole tour!! 

“ Just seen Sherlock Holmes the Sign of 4 @HACMaidstone really enjoyed it very well done 

 ‪Year 11 had an enjoyable trip to South Hill Park to see a theatrical performance of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes tale ‘The Sign of Four’. An excellent production much enjoyed by the students. Great prep for the GCSE Literature exam too. @Blackeyedtheatr @WGSWindsorGirls 

Absolutely fantastic evening @southhillpark watching Sherlock Holmes @Blackeyedtheatr. Was so different to see such talented actors/musicians on the stage performing both roles. Thanks for a fab one! #Sherlock 

“ ‪Just seen this production at The Towngate Basildon, really great show, great cast and great staging. Well done everyone 

” ‪Totally blown away by the performance and the way the music was played and integrated with the show was incredible. Would happily go and see it again, wonderful stuff! “

” Watched the production last night in Berkshire. Thoroughly entertaining. Well paced and great acting from all the performers

“ Fabulous evening at South Hill Park watching Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four. Great storytelling once again from Blackeyed Theatre and the genius that is Nick Lane….”…..Valedictairan! ….I don’t care what he eats!” Great music from Tristan Parkes and looking lovely thanks to Victoria Spearing for the amazing set, Naomi Rachel Gibbs for the threads and Claire Childs for the beautiful lighting design 

“ Just thinking about the piece of quality theatre seen tonight at the Wilde Theatre – Sherlock Holmes. Technical work slick and sharp choreography in moving all the set pieces. Fabulous set Victoria!!! Appreciated the ensemble work, the super musicality and multi rolling. Precision theatre. Beautiful clear diction and energy just lost some vital info at the end as the speech was in warp factor and I couldn’t keep up !!! Great evening thank you Adrian McDougall and team Sherlock!! Black Eyed Theatre has another fine production. Have a great tour 

“ Just back from a wonderful night with @ManningtreeHigh year 11s watching Sign of the Four @Blackeyedtheatr. Lots of comments from the public on how impressed they were with the students and how engaged our students were in the performance. #proud 

“ Just got back from seeing your production of Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four at the Connaught Theatre, Worthing. Absolutely astounded by what an amazing performance it was. My best ever visit to the theatre by far! 

 Brilliant night at @castindoncaster seeing Sherlock Holmes – The Sign of Four by @Blackeyedtheatr – fabulousness all round 

“ Loved date night with my husband. Thoroughly enjoyed @Blackeyedtheatr ‘s performance of #theSignofFour . Impressed that the cast could act and play multiple musical instruments so well! Toby the dog’s Scottish owner was my favourite character 

“ Been to @castindoncaster tonight to watch the prodigiously talented @Blackeyedtheatr entertainingly nail #SherlockHolmes Flawless and ingenious performance of #theSignofFour 

 ‪Fantastic evening @castindoncaster watching the very talented @Blackeyedtheatr ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four’ #thegamesafoot 

“ Had a fantastic afternoon @castindoncaster watching @Blackeyedtheatr perform #Sherlockthesignoffour Excellent acting from all, you kept my daughter and I captivated the whole way through! 

“ ‪‘The Sign of Four’ by @Blackeyedtheatr@castindoncaster. Clever production, excellent acting & musicianship 

” @Blackeyedtheatr’s Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four @castindoncaster was amazing. Incredible acting from all the cast, especially @Luke_M_Barton and @joederrington. A must see! “

” obviously expert coaching in speaking foreign lingo! Really enjoyed all aspects of the production- congrats to all concerned xx 

“ Thoroughly enjoyed the opening night at Cast on Wednesday. Splendid cast with great acting & musicianship skills! 

“ Just got back from tonights production it was brilliant well done to all the cast!! 

“ Saw This Wednesday evening. It was fab. If you people out there get the chance , GO! 

 Just watched the show tonight at Cast in Doncaster, brilliant well done all 

“ @castindoncaster just come home after watching a stunning performance of the sign of four great cast great staging great experience cant wait for our next visit