The Great Gatsby

“ Just to say a huge thank you for booking such a wonderful production of ‘Gatsby’; I enjoyed it enormously and thought that the actor playing Nick Carraway was brilliant, with an interpretation and understanding of the character that was so much better than either of the big film versions. Wow!! 

“ Great trip to the theatre to see Gatsby with ‪@Thetford6th ‪@ThetfordAcaduk Well done all for your conduct and patience too ”

Lots to write about post visit to The Great Gatsby tonight with Y12 & Y13 Drama/Theatre Studies 

“ I loved The Great Gatsby.  The cast were all fabulous, so talented, the costumes were beautiful and I loved the scenery ”

” Please let me know when you will be back in edinburgh area..just spent an amazing evening at the Brunton theatre where you brought The Great Gatsby to life…more than any of the films! Thank you for a tremendous evening “

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I loved The Great Gatsby.  The cast were all fabulous, so talented, the costumes were beautiful and I loved the scenery. Wonderful.

Excellent production performed at Arena theatre one thing I love about live performance is when the actor/actresses catch your Glance just magical you dont get that in films. Keep up the good work and hope to see another of your productions

Have just spent a memorable at the Brunton theatre inMusselburgh Scotland and want to say a big thank you for an amazing night, . congratulations to all of you…you were amazing!

Very much enjoyed this super show last night at The Brunton Theatre Musselburgh

Alison Norwood ‏‪@Norwood1A 13 Sep 2015 Splendid night at the theatre last night Old Sport, watching The Great Gatsby dontcha know.

SES Drama ‏‪@SS_Drama 16 Sep 2015 Lots to write about post visit to The Great Gatsby tonight with Y12 & Y13 Drama/Theatre Studies

Tacchi-Morris Arts ‏‪@TMAC_Taunton 23 Sep 2015 Tacchi-Morris Arts Retweeted TMAC Tech Team @Blackeyedtheatr‪ show everyone how it’s done!! #TheGreatGatsby #Amazing #Theatre

kathleen waugh ‏‪@kathleenwaugh78 23 Sep 2015 ‪@Blackeyedtheatr#gatsby . Saw the show in Taunton last night, absolutely brilliant!

SG_Drama ‏‪@sherbornedrama 24 Sep 2015 Thanks to ‪@Blackeyedtheatr for a brilliant actor/musician version of The Great Gatsby last night. Loved the eyes! ‪@sherbornegirls

Drama Department GHC ‏‪@DramaGHC 24 Sep 2015 Really enjoyed ‘The Great Gatsby’ this evening at sold out ‪@southhillpark 80+ pupils, behaved&loved the show ‪@GarthHillColl ‪@Blackeyedtheatr

Georgina ‏‪@georgiabrill 24 Sep 2015 ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‪ Had a fab evening watching great gatsby and finding out about the cast in the QandA session afterwards.Loved it!

Sammy van Greuningen ‏‪@Samuelvg97 25 Sep 2015 Thank you ‪@Blackeyedtheatr for the wonderful evening watching ‪#GreatGatsby! Loved the music en enjoyed the Q&A

Read College ‏‪@ReadCollege 24 Sep 2015 Such a lovely evening ‪@southhillpark watching the brilliant ‪#GreatGatsby tour! Thank you for a great night ‪@Blackeyedtheatr 🙂

Claire Dyer ‏‪@ClaireDyer1 25 Sep 2015 Great production of The Great Gatsby by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr last night at ‪@southhillpark Thx to ‪@JezDyer1 for taking me ‪#fallingforgatsby!

Cookie. ‏‪@ameliarebeccaxo 26 Sep 2015 Had such a lovely Q&A with the ‪@Blackeyedtheatr crew after an amazing show, very grateful!

Aga Naturalna ‏‪@aga_nat 30 Sep 2015 Watched the Great Gatsby with a great pleasure last night! ‪#play ‪#theatre ‪#datenight ‪#thegreatgatsby

Beth ‏‪@bethanypriddy 29 Sep 2015 I saw The Great Gatsby at the theatre today and it actually made me like Nick Carraway… So it must have been good old sport

Cliff Gillies ‏‪@Cliffjgillies 2 Oct 2015 Southport, England Watching ‪@Blackeyedtheatr 2nit. Their “Dracula“ was best thing I’ve ever seen on stage, so needless to say I’m very excited. Break a leg!

James Settle ‏‪@jamessettle 3 Oct 2015 ‪@AtkinsonThe@Blackeyedtheatr #greatgatsby last night was an fantastic production, such inventive ways of moving and using the same actors

Clay Harris ‏‪@mudlarklives 6 Oct 2015 saw excellent ‪@Blackeyedtheatr production of The Great Gatsby ‪@GreenwichTheatr. Continues through Saturday.

Claire E Rivers ‏‪@ClaireERivers 6 Oct 2015 Lewisham, London A stunning production of ‪#TheGreatGatsby from ‪@Blackeyedtheatr. Slick, well-crafted and beautifully adapted. ‪@GreenwichTheatr

Clay Harris ‏‪@mudlarklives 6 Oct 2015 @Blackeyedtheatr@GreenwichTheatr Never disappointed, especially in your integrated musical style, as before in Lovely War & Mother Courage.

William Russell ‏‪@Pursuivant 7 Oct 2015 The Greatr Gastby has defeated endless attempts to film and stage it. Stephen Sharkey’s attempt at Greenwich and on well tour worth catching

SNA ‏‪@stevenealon 7 Oct 2015 Really enjoyed The Great Gatsby ‪@GreenwichTheatr featuring SNA’s hugely talented Max Roll ‪#blackeyedtheatre

Lewys Taylor ‏‪@Lewys_Taylor 7 Oct 2015 @Blackeyedtheatr‪ well done to all involved with #Gatsby – brilliant telling of a classic! Special praise to @CelesteDVZ and @celiarosecf

rosie ‏‪@rosiethackeray 7 Oct 2015 Just came out of ‪@Blackeyedtheatr ‘s performance of The Great Gatsby at Greenwich theatre, so so soo good

CBSC English Dept ‏‪@cbsceng 7 Oct 2015 Poplar, London We had a fabulous afternoon ‘old sport’ The Great Gatsby ‪@GreenwichTheatr

Ru Hamilton ‏‪@ru_hamilton 7 Oct 2015 So proud I trained with ‪@CelesteDVZ and ‪@celiarosecf who both smashed it today in The Great Gatsby ‪@GreenwichTheatr Lovely ensemble work!

Julian Richards ‏‪@julianofclapton 8 Oct 2015 Great Great Gatsby thanks to ‪@Blackeyedtheatr & @steshark ‘s adaptation sharp as ever

Charlie Buckland ‏‪@chasbuckers 9 Oct 2015 @Blackeyedtheatr@El_rocca @steshark Brilliant night of theatre with The Great Gatsby at Greenwich Theatre – go join the party, old Sport!

David Gardner ‏‪@David_Llew 9 Oct 2015 Big audience for Great Gatsby ‪@GreenwichTheatr tonight, great music and a telling tale of tangled love among the nouveau riche

Zaqi Ismail ‏‪@ObfuscatingOwl 9 Oct 2015 Well done to ‪@Blackeyedtheatr The Great Gatsby lot at ‪@GreenwichTheatr tonight! Catch them tomorrow, otherwise see them in your city!

My Otter ‏‪@LordOtter 10 Oct 2015 Saw with my son a wonderful performance of The Great Gatsby last night at the ‪@GreenwichTheatr well done all!

James Smith ‏‪@James_Sm1th 4 Dec 2015 Another extraordinary reworking of a classic ‪#Gatsby – thanks for (another) entertaining evening ‪@Blackeyedtheatr ‪#hexham

~Moody Shit~ ‏‪@abbythomps0n 3 Dec 2015 The Great Gatsby performance was fantastic last night, hats off to the actor who played Nick especially! ‪@Blackeyedtheatr

natalie r ‏‪@i_need_a_life99 29 Nov 2015 ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‪ I loved your version of the great Gatsby last night. Brilliant & incredibly original, especially with the musical element!

Sam Fleming ‏‪@Wolvensam 24 Nov 2015 Really enjoyed The Great Gatsby by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr at ‪@Arena_Theatre tonight. It’s on tomorrow afternoon and evening too. Go see!

Dan Walker ‏‪@DanWalker_1990 23 Nov 2015 I really enjoyed The Great Gatsby at the ‪@Arena_Theatre . Brilliant acting from all the cast and truly captured the spirit of the novel.

India Fonda ‏‪@LadyAndia 6 Nov 2015 Had a beautiful time seeing great gatsby ‪@DundeeRep with ‪@hollyscanlan and our moms

Martin Jones ‏‪@jones_martin 4 Nov 2015 Very enjoyable night at ‪@DundeeRep watching ‪#Gatsby great performances all round including ‪@staceylghent !

a.smith ‏‪@hugothecat101 2 Nov 2015 Huge congrats to ‪@Blackeyedtheatr ‪@DundeeRep ‪@southhillpark on The Great Gatsby tonight. Absolutely brilliant cast and production.

Joseph K. ‏‪@josephkinnear 28 Oct 2015 Kirkcaldy, Scotland congratulations to the multitalented cast & crew of ‪@Blackeyedtheatr for bringing TGG to life so wonderfully!

Stephen Barlow ‏‪@barlow_stephen 18 Oct 2015 Saw a great performance of The Great Gatsby by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr in Portsmouth last night. On tour throughout UK, well worth a look.

Eddie Burton ‏‪@Edlyle 17 Oct 2015 Check out Black Eyed Theatre. Touring Uk with Music Theatre production of The Great Gatsby. Full of class and charm.

Mind the Blog ‏‪@Mind_the_Blog 10 Oct 2015 Definitely recommend ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‘s ‪#Gatsby! Last show at ‪@GreenwichTheatr tonight – do go if you’re in the area.

Laura ‏‪@LauraOvens 10 Oct 2015 The Great Gatsby was amazing last night at the ‪@GreenwichTheatr

Yen ‏‪@Yen_Mac 10 Oct 2015 ‪@GreenwichTheatr‪ Great Gatsby was amazing! Talented actors/actresses who also played ‪ well done! #greatgatsby #Greenwich

Olivia Warren ‏‪@OlivesTreehouse 11 Oct 2015 Such a treat to see ‪@CelesteDVZ and ‪@celiarosecf last night in ‪@Blackeyedtheatr The Great Gatsby at ‪@GreenwichTheatr. You rocked it girls x

James M Charlton ‏‪@jmc_fire 10 Oct 2015 Enjoyed @steshark sharp adaptation of The Great Gatsby ‪@GreenwichTheatr

Sophie Hamlet ‏‪@Blame_Bellamy 10 Oct 2015 ‪#GreatGatsby@GreenwichTheatr was epic fun tonight – real musicians and everything! Like a dramatic night at a speakeasy…

Culture Trip London ‏‪@CultureTripLDN 11 Oct 2015 ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‪’s production of #Gatsby is “a wildly energetic and elegiac adaptation”

Thing 1 and Thing 2 ‏‪@TheThings2 13 Oct 2015 The Great Gatsby was fantastic Now I just have to write a 2000 word essay on it… (WHY ME?) ‪#yay ‪@Blackeyedtheatr ‪@morrizziey


Mike Locke ‏‪@MikeSLocke 14 Oct 2015 ‪#TheGreatGatsby@Blackeyedtheatr wonderful show at Arts Depot Finchley yesterday. On tour – go for it.

Methuen Drama ‏‪@MethuenDrama 14 Oct 2015 Great job from ‪@Blackeyedtheatr on Gatsby adapted by our own @steshark. Tonight’s the last night in London! ‪ …!

Prof CatherineHarper ‏‪@ProfCathHarper 15 Oct 2015 Well done to all at New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth – opening night a triumph ! Recommended – some tickets left for Fri/Sat ‪@newtheatreroyal

Fanton ‏‪@FantonEsquire 17 Oct 2015 Went to the (refurbished) New Theatre Royal last night to see The Great Gatsby. Much better than the last play we saw, The Mediocre Gatsby.

Maisy Ward ‏‪@maisycward Feb 18 ‪@CultureCalling@Blackeyedtheatr @LPAC_Lincoln was excellent! Watched it last night! One of the best performances I have ever seen!

Simesy ‏‪@simesyb Feb 14 How good was The Great Gatsby ‪@DerbyTheatre last night? The clue is in the title, it was great. Nice to see a sell out as well.

AMY ‏‪@bubblebathbean Feb 12 Just arrived home from seeing ‪#thegreatgatsby ‪@DerbyTheatre   Now feel the need to go and listen to some jazz before bed! 🙂

Michael Hall ‏‪@pastmh Feb 12 Great Gatsby ‪@DerbyTheatre – wonderful performance – brilliant actors/ musicians

David King ‏‪@DNKing143 Feb 12 Derby, England ‪@staceylghent@DerbyTheatre Indeed. Was very enjoyable. Also impressed with the varied musical ability if the performers. A super evening.

Sharon Croucher ‏‪@Sharon_dcfc Feb 10 Just been to watch The Great Gatsby ‪@DerbyTheatre brilliant performance. Had a fantastic evening

MartyMacDonald’sFarm ‏‪@MartyMacFarm Feb 6 Just enjoyed ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‘s The Great Gatsby ‪@AnvilArts – great adaptation and music, on tour until March! ‪ 

Jess Kate ‏‪@justjesskate Feb 5 The Great Gatsby in the haymarket was fabulous such talented actors and musicians I can’t wait to write about it in the exam

wibble ‏‪@sleeping63 Feb 3 Went to see Gatsby last night, cracking performance ‪@Blackeyedtheatr

Newport Girls’ High ‏‪@NGHS_Info Feb 2 6th Form girls enjoyed an adaption of The Great Gatsby at Theatre Severn Shrewsbury as part of their A Level studies

lisa veale ‏‪@lisaveale Jan 30 Wellington, England Fantastic production of The Great Gatsby by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr at ‪@theatresevern. Thoroughly enjoyed it a what a talented cast – thank you!

char ‏‪@dinoprincesschr Jan 30 If you need plans for tonight, get on down to ‪@theatresevern to see ‪#GreatGatsby by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr – so good!

Johnny James ‏‪@JohnnyJamesJazz Jan 29 You’re in for a treat if you’re going to watch ‪#TheGreatGatsby ‪@theatresevern tonight. Was fantastic last night ‪@celiarosecf ‪@TristanPate

char ‏‪@dinoprincesschr Jan 29 So tired and in so much pain, but very glad I forced myself to go see Great Gatsby at ‪@theatresevern anyhow.

Barnsey ‏‪@Charlieee_6 Jan 30 I am still buzzing over ‪@Blackeyedtheatr performance of ‪#Gatsby amazing talent on show!! 100% recommend watching this!!!

Butterfly ‏‪@Butterfly0660 Jan 30 Butterfly Retweeted Blackeyed Theatre I saw it! Was brilliant – multi talented professional group! ‪#great theatre ‪#goodactors

Jane Handford ‏‪@HandyMissH Jan 29 ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‪ were AMAZING last night Great Gatsby, how multi talented are they?!! Wow! @theatresevern

Barnsey ‏‪@Charlieee_6 Jan 26 WHAT A SHOW!!!! ‪@Blackeyedtheatr you absolutely smashed that ‪#GATSBY

Stuart Winder ‏‪@Stav74 Feb 28 ‪@HGtheatre‪ Absolutely loved The Great Gatsby last night. What a great performance by @Blackeyedtheatr #fab

Caroline Lloyd ‏‪@clloid Mar 1 Wonderful production of ‪#thegreatgatsby by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr ‪@harlowplayhouse – truly captured fitzgerald’s ‪#jazzage

Bethany ‏‪@bethanyfoster01 Mar 4 Had a brilliant time watching The Great Gatsby ‪@LPAC_Lincoln ‪@Blackeyedtheatr yesterday, congrats to the incredibly talented cast!

Steve Willshaw ‏‪@stevewillshaw Mar 6 Strong performances from all the cast of ‪#TheGreatGatsby last week ‪@LPAC_Lincoln

Elizabeth Twells ‏‪@ElizabethTwells Mar 11 Great afternoon watching ‪#GreatGatsby ‪@Blackeyedtheatr with the lovely ‪@TristanPate being brilliant. Also, he has an excellent moustache.

Elaine Smithers ‏‪@EJSmithers Mar 14 ‪#TheGreatGatsby‪, brilliantly performed by @Blackeyedtheatr‘s talented #actors, who sing, dance and play instruments.

My Otter ‏‪@LordOtter Mar 19 Bromley, London My Otter Retweeted Castle Hotel Windsor Saw this at the ‪@GreenwichTheatr last year, excellent young players & performance

Zena Phillips ‏‪@zenacphillips Mar 19 Went to see the Great Gatsby at ‪@TheatreWindsor really enjoyed it!