Teechers Online



“ Our BTEC students totally loved TEECHERS. It’s a complete knockout of a show. Amazing! 

The teechers performance is helping us massively and still so grateful that you sent us the link – pupils and my dept are loving it! 

“ Thank you very much – this is great! So useful for the students and a great production 

“ What an outstanding production Teechers was – my students loved it, as did I! 

I just wanted to let you know how much my students and I LOVED Teechers! It was fabulous. Thank you so much 

“ My students will thoroughly appreciate this. I have studied Teechers with my year 9 groups whereby they explored practically and now they can use this resource to do a live theatre review. It’s brilliant. Thank you. It is so very much appreciated. We are very lucky as Drama teachers to have such fantastic resources available for us during this difficult time 

“ Thanks so much, Adrian. It looks great! We still have to set work for Year 11, even though the exams have been cancelled. This will really help the students who are going on to study Drama next year. I am just doing some script writing with Year 10, but in a couple of weeks I will get them to watch this to break up the work a bit. I can then get them to look at the devices used – very useful to then look at how they could use similar devices in their devised work 

Thank you so much for the link to the resource.  I am sure the students will really enjoy getting to watch the show and learning about live theatre. We really appreciate how you are supporting schools at this challenging time.  All our theatre trips were cancelled due to Covid 19 so we are thrilled that they can see recordings of live theatre shows 

“ Thank you for making this resource available to schools. It is resources like this that make Teachers jobs that little but easier in this very testing time 

This is a fantastic resource to be available. Thanks for allowing schools and students to access this during this unusual time in teaching 

Thanks you so much for doing this. I am very excited to be able to share your work with our fantastic Year 10 students.  I’m sure it will inspire them and thanks for continuing to communicate the power of performance to young people 

“ Not only will this offer help me to expose them to as close to an experience of ‘live theatre’ as possible, I know they’ll identify with this production (I saw it when you came to Cambridge) and it will help with the delivery of the Practitioners unit when we come to looking at Multi-rolling.  Am conscious that they will be over 2 years behind in their studies! 

The production is GREAT!! Dynamic cast who clearly are engrossed in their role. The pace kept the audience engage with the characters & the narrative 

This is a fantastic resource for pupils and is greatly appreciated 

“ Thank you so much for this, you really have made the next term (or for however long we are going to have to teach like this!) so much easier for me. The HUB will be so helpful too as the students have to analyse everything from the staging, lighting and scenery choices to characterisation, director’s background and influences that have coloured his choices… the list is endless. Thank you once again. You’ve really helped make this a bit more manageable! 

“ I can’t thank you enough. It was so hard when the practical exams were cancelled just before lock down as one of my groups was doing two extracts from Teechers for their GCSE. I still went ahead and did the performances so the pupils felt some sort of achievement after working so hard. I will be using the link with Year 10/11/ and 12 so very grateful indeed as I know they will enjoy it 

Thank you so so much this is just great and I cannot wait to share this with my students. I think something like this is just what they need at the moment 

“ Great production, thank you so much. My students loved it! 

“ Thank you for being able to let us as teachers and students have access to such resources as this will really help us to keep educating the pupils and let us still to some extent visit theatre in this precarious time 

“ Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful production 

“ Bringing on-line live theatre into the classroom has its place in a drama lesson even when lockdown is over. Having access to quality performances like Teechers offers students opportunities for analysis, modelling, evaluation and so on. As a teacher I’m finding it incredibly useful to watch a performance, review it and then return to it to model performance for students – it would be great if recorded live performances were available in conjunction with live theatre – which of course can never be replaced 

“ Thank you for providing this resource – it is so helpful to be able to continue to promote a love of theatre for our students at this unprecedented time when theatres are closed 

“ brilliant production – thank you for making this available to my students. It is opportunities like this that are going a long way to support arts education being able to continue during lockdown 

“ An amazing performance, very well produced and directed 

“ It’s beneficial to have a digital resource that is useful for us as teachers. Enabling us to effectively deliver the curriculum. For example Teechers is what our Y10 students will be practically exploring for their Component 2 Scripted Live Exam. This is a great opportunity for students to engage with the narrative & characterisation prior to the practical exploration of the text. Followed by the transfers of page to stage process 

“ Thank you for this fabulous resource that I can share with my students and keep their love of theatre alive and kicking during this time of difficulty 

“ Thank you so much for releasing this as it is so accessible to my students and will help so much with setting them work. Thank you and stay safe 

“ During this lockdown, I have had 4 theatre visits cancelled so far (2 for school, 2 personal visits), and making this available has meant that I am able to virtually teach the live theatre review section of the exam. For that, I am extremely grateful. Keep up the amazing work! 

“ Thank you so much for providing this service online during lockdown. It makes a huge difference. I didn’t know about your company beforehand but now I will definitely keep an eye out for your performances when you tour locally 

“ A big thank you, this is an amazing resource, my students will be inspired! 

“ You’re doing a wonderful job. My students watched teachers after studying it in class. They were mesmerised! Thank you for your hard work 

 Thank you so much for making Teachers available – it’s been an absolute lifesaver in the current situation 



“ Thank you for releasing the link. It was an absolutely fantastic production of the play. I loved the use of music and choral/ensemble moments, some very clever shifts in time and atmosphere. The physical comedy and quick changes in character were superb from all 3 actors. Highlight – The rap for Oggy’s speech about ‘being hard’ – it was epic!! 

“ The play was very entertaining and I never got bored while watching it 

“ It was a really good show, and it helped a lot with my studies, especially as I am missing going to the theatre it lockdown. Thank you!! 

“ I thought that Teechers did an excellent job portraying its messages and was very funny 

“ It was awesome 

“ I go to the theatre a lot and would definitely go and see Teechers if I had the chance Thank you 

“ The play was the best I have seen so far and the actors were great! 

“ I think it‘s really convenient to have online theatre to some extent, and it definitely makes me want to go see more theatre production 

“ I would like to say that Teechers is one of the best plays I have watched. As a student myself I felt that this play was relatable and extremely funny 

“ It was an amazing play, loved it 

“ I really enjoyed watching the ‘teechers’ play and it has made me want to visit the theatre more once lockdown has been lifted 

“ Great way of being able to carry on with drama lessons from home 

“ It was so funny and entertaining with lots of different techniques to write about 

“ It was a brilliant play 

“ It is important to have access to the plays we will use to study for our GCSE exams and if the online ones are just as useful, then that is very helpful 

“ Teechers was amazing!!!! Loved it 

“ I loved the comedy in the play and I do not know how the actors remembered all their lines and didn’t laugh 

“ The performance had lots of humour and it grabbed the audience’s attention from the very start 

“ The performance was very enjoyable and has helped me gauge where i need to work on whist doing my Drama GCSE. There were some very funny and relatable moments and it makes me long to get on the professional stage myself one day! 🙂 

“ Online theatre allows us to watch plays we may not get the opportunity to see in person due to location and price, so we can still all enjoy theatre as it should be for everyone to enjoy and fall in love with 

“ It was nice to watch the professional version of the monologue to practise at school 

“ The production was fabulous and the actors were epic! I loved watching the complete and utter chaos the actors created on stage and it definitely put a smile on my face at such a dejected time, as well as being of great use to the live theatre element of my A-level course 

“ Teechers was a very good production and has helped me with my GCSE course 

“ Having online access to teechers allowed me to improve my note taking skills especially with how actors portrayed multiple different characters while using multirole 

“ It was an amazing performance, I loved all the music to go with it. Your acting schools are fantastic, such a good performance to watch 

“ It was a really good piece of theatre that made me laugh 

“ I loved Teechers it was so funny and great I really enjoyed it please make more theatre like this because even though it might not actually be lacking just cos I loved it so much I’m gonna say that we need way more theatre like this cos it’s lacking 

“ I loved watching teechers, I am currently doing drama GCSE and because we cannot watch or be involved in live drama this was a brilliant idea and very valuable for me. Thank You! 

“ I can’t afford to go to the theatre so seeing online theatre is amazing. It’s really helpful to watch to study GCSE live theatre thank you for making it available for us. We hope we get to see you on a school trip one day! 

“ I thought the play was hilarious and absolutely brilliant I would love to see it in a theatre 

“ Thank you for making this available. I learnt a lot and found it funny 

“ It was epic, thank you so much!