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Watch our acclaimed production of Sherlock Holmes: The Sign Of Four, adapted by Nick Lane from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel. With a running time of 124 minutes, including a 2 minute interval, the production premieres at 7.30pm on Sunday 5 July and is available to watch until Wednesday 15 July.

Ahead of the streaming of Sherlock Holmes: The Sign Of Four, join us for a virtual pre-show talk with the director and adapter, Nick Lane, and cast members Luke Barton, Joseph Derrington, Christopher Glover and Stephanie Rutherford.

Bored On Baker Street –  Come join us at 221B Baker Street for a unique insight into the mind of a genius. A genius who doesn’t deal all that well with boredom! Featuring Luke Barton as Sherlock and Joseph Derrington as Watson, Bored On Baker Street is written by Bonnie MacBird and directed and edited by Jill Rutland.

Ben Ashton, who played the role of Wilfred Owen in our 2014 UK tour of ‘Not About Heroes’, recalls his time with Blackeyed Theatre and gives a reading of Owen’s most famous poem, ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’.

Just Judy, the brand new Judy Garland musical biopic by Brad Clapson, opens in January 2021 before touring across the UK.

Our final Jane Eyre cast interview is with Oliver Hamilton. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know he plays St John Rivers, Mr Mason and William, not to mention Pilot the dog!

Composer George Jennings gives us an insight into his ideas and inspiration for the Jane Eyre soundtrack!

Actor James Howard, who currently plays Draco Malfoy in the West End’s ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’, recalls his time with us, as Siegfried Sassoon in our 2014 UK tour of Not About Heroes

New to HUB, Eleanor Toms, from the cast of Jane Eyre, chats about multi-rolling and being an actor-musician

As we continue the countdown to our streaming of Jane Eyre, actress Camilla Simson talks about her favourite Jane Eyre moments and her ideal lockdown buddy! With music composed by George Jennings

Here we bring you more of the beautiful music of George Jennings, this time with lyrics from Charlotte Brontë’s poem, ‘Speak Of The North’