The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

“ I watched these talented actors perform this at my local theatre, and it was amazing!! I was fully captivated the whole way through, and they performed it brilliantly. The whole play inspired me as a student, actor and even as an audience member. Thank you so much. It was amazing! 

“ Just a quick thank you for such a wonderful, atmospheric and thoroughly intense production of this play. My family and I saw it last night at the Waterside theatre in Sale, where being such a small venue we were able to get totally drawn the emotion and action. The murder scene was especially effective. Thank you and well done again to everyone who brought it to life. This is theatre at its best, and it is nice to know that because of true artists like yourself drama will never die. Hope you come again 

“ The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a 19th century Gothic novella of the horror genre adapted for the stage in many past theatrical productions.  This new extensive touring production is presented by Blackeyed Theatre. Dr. Jekyll is a well respected popular doctor and scientist who is in inner turmoil with savage urges that do not befit a man of his standing in Victorian society.  He attempts to repress the evil within him by creating a potion that will remove this unwanted aspect of himself.  By doing this, can Dr. Jekyll successfully repress his alter ego, Mr. Hyde, thus remaining under the control of Dr. Jekyll?  This leap into the unknown then is the main thrust of the drama. This is a strange and unsettling tale of blackmail, dual personality and the inner battle between good and evil.  From the stark simplicity of the set design with minimalistic background together with eerily atmospheric lighting setting the mood, this compelling drama is played out with maximum impact. Combined with hauntingly chilling music, this then is the backdrop for the cast of 4 actors who captivate the audience with their outstanding and intense performances. Of particular note, is an unforgettable murder scene cleverly played out in slow motion with full dramatic effect. This is a Gothic horror story that has stood the test of time and this reinterpretation does it full justice.  It has a chilling modern relevance that resonates as much today as it did over a 100 years ago.  An absolutely unmissable and compelling drama that poses more questions than it answers! 

 ‪Although I was familiar with the name of this play I was unaware of the storyline, and this adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s dark psychological thriller, directed by Nick Lane, had me gripped. It was fast paced from the start, and I got an immediate feeling that I’d need to keep up with the plot in order to enjoy the ride. But what a ride it was. Friendship, love, murder and intrigue, this play has it all. The cast of four, although it felt like a lot more, are outstanding but Jack Bannell, who plays both Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde, stole the show. His stage presence as Jekyll, a genius yet tormented physician on the verge of a medical breakthrough, is phenomenal. The way expressed his desire to succeed, at any cost, and limped about the set in pain was superb. Equally convincing, was his portrayal of the despicable Hyde. Deeper voiced, he skulked around the stage and twirled his cane with reckless abandon. In particular, the vivid and brutal slow-motion murder scene is one that will live with me forever. Paige Round, who plays Eleanor Lanyon, was also incredible. Her love for Jekyll was limitless and her acting and singing faultless. I lost count of her roles and costume changes and the director’s use of song and Paige’s outstanding voice was brilliant at setting the mood. This is a modern take on a classic thriller about good versus evil. If you enjoy expressive and innovative theatre that pushes the boundaries, this is the play for you. 

“ ellie/lee‏ @alphapxck  Oct 12 just when i thought my love for this book couldn’t increase, this play has made it so so. dear LORD such talent! 

“ Emma Upton‏ @Mrs_E_Upton  Oct 12 Great night with Team English and @sptacademy Y10 at Sale Theatre watching The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 

” Amanda‏ @84Mand  Oct 14 Fantastic #Jekyll&Hyde last night @Blackeyedtheatr . @JackBannell & @PaigeRoundX were brilliant 

“ Cliff Gillies‏ @Cliffjgillies  Oct 15 @Blackeyedtheatr you did it again! Fansatic show tonight @AtkinsonThe Congratulations to everyone involved 

“ Peter Lock‏ @PeteLockFitness  Oct 18 Another great night @EBTheatres and another great production from @Blackeyedtheatr #Jekyll and Hyde was brilliant 

 Laura Murphy‏ @mtc2ltd  Oct 18 Strange case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde @EBTheatres by @Blackeyedtheatr Absolutely stunning. Theatre at its best @Eastbournenews 

“ Nicky Pilbeam‏ @NickyPilbeam  Oct 19 Amazing performance tonight #jekyllandhydetour @Blackeyedtheatr #Eastbourne We loved it! 

“ CanonImages15‏ @CanonImages15  Oct 20 @Blackeyedtheatr Powerful, mysterious and completely enthralling performance of #Jekyll & #Hyde at @EBTheatres Thank you, incredible evening 

” Forza GB‏ @ForzaGB1  Oct 21 @Blackeyedtheatr absolutely brilliant adaption Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde!Fantastic acting throughout,totally drawn in by the characters.Stunning “

” Becci‏ @beccicharlton  Oct 24 Just watched @Blackeyedtheatr production of Jekyll & Hyde at @QueensHall – one word: AMAZING! 

“ Patricia Di-Tommaso‏ @triciaditomm  Oct 27 @Blackeyedtheatr that was great tonight, thank you! #jekyllandhydetour ”

“ Catriona Hill‏ @catriona_hill  Oct 27 Had a fantastic night at @AyrGaiety watching The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by @Blackeyedtheatr – definitely in Halloween mode! 

“ Mikey Dobosz‏ @WeeDobz @TheBrunton ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ was marvelously acted, written and produced. Awesome job! 

“ Just wanted to say that my friend and I watched The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at The Brunton Theatre tonight and it was beautiful and breathtaking! One of the best shows I have ever seen and had the opportunity to tell Zach Lee and Jack Bannell this and talk with them afterwards! Thank you so much for the wonderful show! It’s great when you understand the neuronal communication (astrocytes, glial cells) references too and just so happened to be reading about it before the show! I have told my sister to watch it and hope she will be able to get tickets to the Milton Keynes show 

“ Saw you tonight at the Brunton and just had to say, you put on a wonderful performance. Great show! 

 Jane Elizabeth Thomas Saw it in Ayr tonight with my husband. The story was wonderfully dramatic and superbly presented and the cast absolutely brilliant. Many thanks!! 

“ Alice Bell Saw this in Eastbourne last night.. incredible theatre, amazingly talented actors and direction. Thoroughly enjoyed and gripped throughout! Thank you for a brilliant evening 

“ Mcd Hhelen Saw this tonight at Gaiety Theatre, Ayr. Absolutely enthralling and captivating. Well worth the ticket price. Well done to all involved 

Tracey Deakin‪ Highly recommend it – took my son who is also Yr11. Captivating edge of your seat performance. Jack Bannell is excellent as Jekyll and Hyde  “

” Alison Burgess Saw this in Eastbourne tonight, absolutely first class, riveting, and brilliantly acted. 

Sandra Mason Had a great time watching this with Yana Mason. Well done x 

“ Fantastic production. Worthy of a West End in London. Cast amazing and well produced. Thank you 

“ Amanda Snook Saw this in Portsmouth last night. Brilliant and fantastic. All the cast were good but the fact that you had no trouble seeing the difference between Jekyll and Hyde despite being no costume or makeup changes gives great admiration toward Jack Bannell. Well done all 

 mazza@millerhouse‏ @mazza114 Nov 11 Fantastic performance. Very gripping and atmospheric. 

“ Natasha Jones‏ @natashamajones Nov 10 Watched a really clever production of Jekyll and Hyde last night @newtheatreroyal was real impressed! 

“ K Baker‏ @MusicaIncognita Nov 8 @Blackeyedtheatr @CORNERSTONEfun Jekyll and Hyde was astounding. Thank you for a night of transcendent level theatre, amongst the best ever 

” Linda Strang‏ @LINDASTRANG Nov 4 @Blackeyedtheatr fantastic & gripping performance by all at the Eastwood Theatre, Giffnock on Monday night. bravo!! “

” Aki @Cumberoil Nov 1 I went to see #jekyllandhydetour in Darlington. Fantastic! Thank you @Blackeyedtheatr @JackBannell @MrASCook @stripestheatre @PaigeRoundX “

“ Gill 💋‏ @Gillmc08 Oct 30 Fantastic performance of jeckyll and Hyde by @Blackeyedtheatr @JackBannell outstanding. Chills ”

“ AMAZING show last night! My mum and I were blown away by the cast’s outstanding performance of Jekyll and Hyde. All extremely talented and convincing. We were absolutely captivated! Thank you 

“ Just been to see The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the Haymarket with my son who is studying the book for GCSE – we both enjoyed your portrayal of the book. Had us both on the edge of our seats. A captivating performance – thank you 

“ Well done to the cast and production team of Jekyll and Hyde! You gave us a thoroughly enjoyable evening, thank you all. Our very best wishes to you all as you start your tour with this powerful and compelling piece of theatre, looking forward to the reviews 

 I saw Jekyll last night and absolutely loved it. I thought it was beautifully written and executed and Paige and the cast seem to be having the best time. Congratulations on a wonderful show! 

“ I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde at the Greenwich Theatre on Saturday. 

“ As a huge fan of Stevenson’s original novel, I’m always enthusiastic to catch the various stage adaptations.  I was delighted, therefore, to find this one of the most faithful renditions of the classic that I’ve seen.  Additionally, as an actor, it was great to see how economically the writer was able to tease out his own themes whilst staying true to the original text.  I found this a gripping and daring production.  Well done, all round! 

” Long Stratton High‏ @lshsnews A fantastic production! We took pupils on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed it. #LshsEnrichment “

” Virginia Wakely‏ @theVW1  Oct 11 @norwichplay Such brilliant performances last night! My grandson and I were awestruck & totally absorbed; excellent acting #DrJekyll #MrHyde 

“ Steve Walsh‏ @shadowyflight16  Oct 11 Great show tonight, very charismatic performance by all involved. Thank you 

“ Paul Usher‏ @paulusher_edu  Oct 10 @Blackeyedtheatr superb performance of Jekyll and Hyde @norwichplay today which really engaged our students. Thank you 

“ Felicity Turner‏ ‪@flikturner87 Oct 8 Me and mum loved Jekyll and Hyde at ‪@GreenwichTheatr last night. It was brilliant 

 Vincent Jones‏ @Vinni_J  Oct 8 @GreenwichTheatr Excellent night last night [Saturday]. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde was very good 

“ Tim Chaplin‏ @Chapperstee  Oct 7 Great production of #JekyllandHyde today at @Greenwichtheatre superb. 

“ Wallyspearing‏ @Rocketmcfluff  Oct 7 @GreenwichTheatr fantastic night- wonderful cast, great staging and hugely enjoyable experience, thank you!#JekyllAndHyde 

” bhawanamayrai‏ ‪@wanabha Oct 7 Bravo ‪@GreenwichTheatr! ‪#jekyllandhydetour was amazing! A tragic love story in my mind! “

” Eliot Giuralarocca‏ @El_rocca  Oct 7 Loved #jekyllandhyde Superb, classy storytelling from a crack @Blackeyedtheatr team! Congrats to all! @GreenwichTheatr 

“ EXCELLENT production of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde by touring @Blackeyedtheatr at @GreenwichTheatr tonight…bravo! On til Sat. ”

“ Laura Balcombe‏ @MissBalcombe  Oct 3 Fantastic performance @Blackeyedtheatr Thank you for having us @AnvilArts 

“ I’m a writer and director who has just attended your show at Holt in Norfolk and was blown away by its sheer theatrical bravura! I’ve seen quite a few adaptations of the tale but none has come remotely close to the cleverness and stylish originality of your version. It was brilliantly conceived, designed and exceptionally well written. The performances were uniformly excellent and delivered a most memorable experience for your very appreciative audience. Congratulations to all concerned 

“ Julie Thornton‏ @JetThornton #Blackeyed Theatre, great performance this evening of Jeckyl and Hyde 

 Neil Macey‏ @namacey #jekyllandhydetour @TheatreRoyalBSE was very good tonight & has achieved the improbable, as my GCSE student son actually wants to read the book now! Thank you #inspired student 

“ Ellen Merry‏ @ellen_ellenboss @Blackeyedtheatr what a stunning performance of Jekyll and Hyde. Brilliant. #JekyllandHydetour If your near Bury St Edmunds go and see it! 

” EM Forster Theatre‏ @emftheatre Great show last night from @Blackeyedtheatr #JekyllandHydetour I wish you could hear the whooping from this photo! “

” HawleyPlaceSchool‏ @HPS_School GCSE Drama went to see ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde’ last Wednesday @southhillpark & it was a stunning multi-sensory experience! 

“ I just wanted to get in touch to say thank you. Myself and my daughters (and a number of their friends from school) had a fabulous evening watching the show last night. Just phenomenal and so cleverly done to create the story and atmosphere. We LOVED the slo-mo murder scene, just stunning 

“ ‪@Little_Tiffles Sep 21 What a phenomenal show! The passion within the actors was undeniable- Highly recommended ‪#LoveSouthHillPark ‪#JekyllAndHyde 

“ @Spoilerbee  Sep 22 Very impressed with #BlackeyedTheatre #JekyllandHyde at #Wildetheatre #Bracknell. Daughter’s been twice! 

 @lisahullassoc  Sep 22 Stunning performances from all cast @Blackeyedtheatr #jekyllandhydetour God @PaigeRoundX is good 

“ @tinyredpandaa  Sep 21 Saw this tonight at @southhillpark and it was amazing! A great adaption of one of my favourite books #LoveSouthHillPark 

” @peerproductions  Sep 21 Great performance from fellow @southhillpark company, @Blackeyedtheatr in ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ – Our actors loved it! “

” @EmilyJaneAshfo1  Sep 20 Congratulations @PaigeRoundX and @Blackeyedtheatr on a fab production of Jekyll and Hyde. Just starting their tour so get your tickets! 

“ @Paul_K_Taylor  Sep 20 @Blackeyedtheatr Wow……just wow…congratulations to all, on and off…stunning first night! See it! 

” @indianapoole  Sep 20 Amazing opening for #jekyllandhyde by @Blackeyedtheatr a cinematic and symbolic marvel!!! “

“ @_ArmstrongStyle  Sep 20 The @Blackeyedtheatr #jekyllandhydetour was incredible and mesmerising story telling, the cast and crew have done brilliant 

“ Massive well done to the Jekyll and Hyde team.
Great show, much enjoyed by us last night we were gripped from the start and I can’t wait to start reading all the reviews.
Break a leg on your tour, we wish you much success xx 

“ Congratulations to the whole team on a stunning production! We enjoyed the show so much – despite the obviously challenging audience which must have made the job a lot harder. The direction, staging and performances were all absolutely fantastic – intense, innovative and engaging. I’d encourage everyone I know to see this production while you can. 🙂 x 

“ Wow……just wow…..congratulations all. Performances, script, direction, lights, set, costume …….stunning first night.
Cannot wait to see it again, on the road. Have fun all xxx 

“ Just got back from Watching Blackeyed Theatres Production of Jekyl and Hyde and I loved it. a beautifully stylised, slick brilliantly paced & atmospheric piece of theatre . Fantastic wonderfully layered, detailed fascinating performances. The set, costumes,Lighting music and performances lured you further and further into madness with a gradual seamless shift until you passed the point of no return. a great and excellently written piece of storytelling . If you get a chance to see the show I highly recommend it . Congratulations Adrian McDougall Claire Childs and everyone involved in the production have a wonderful run 

“ Blackeyed Theatre have a fabulous show in “Jekyll and Hyde”. Saw the first night this evening – fabulous performances. Loved it – well done Adrian McDougall and your top team!! X 

 Feel privileged to have watched tonight. Well done for such a fabulous performance and superb acting. Loved it