“ The production last night was fantastic! I’m really pleased I got to see it. The Creature was amazing, the cast were brilliant and the use of the instruments was really clever. We are keeping an eye out for the Jekyll and Hyde production. I look forward to seeing that too  

“ As one of my favourite novels, I was thrilled to find that Blackeyed Theatre’s new production was coming to my local theatre. The gothic tale of Victor Frankenstein and his monstrous creation was brought to life very effectively, with a strong, small ensemble cast and a fantastic use of an eerie life-sized puppet to represent the creature 

“ Fantastic performance at Newark last night. I was fully engrossed and the creature was so convincing, i didn’t see the actors controlling it. Well done all, Brilliant!! 

 Just got back from seeing your production of Frankenstein at Newark….saw you there in 2014 for Dracula….loved that but this new show was outstanding….the interaction between cast and creature was brilliant….didn’t even “see” the puppeteers the performance was so amazing…truly believed that there was another cast member there… look forward to your next project 

“ Had an wonderful night out last night my wife – we went to see Frankenstein at The Key Theatre – the show was totally amazing a huge well done to Blackeyed Theatre who put on an outstanding production – the puppetry was beautiful and really bought frankenstein to life – a fab night out and would reccomend seeing it – if it is coming your way 

“ Just returned from tonight’s performance excellent thank you for a wonderful experience — at Lichfield Garrick 

” I saw Frankenstein at the Greenwich Theatre last week and it was bloody amazing, you guys rocked “

” Watched your production at the Playhouse in Norwich this afternoon. A wonderfully crafted drama from such a minimalist staging. Thank you. Surprised, enthralled and entertained 

“ Thanks for a masterclass in acting tonight was amazing ”

“ Really enjoyed your performance in Newark last night 

” @Blackeyedtheatr‪ Clever Frankenstein @TheAudenTheatre. Faithful script and a fabulous creation. “Let your compassion be moved.” “

“ ‪@Blackeyedtheatr@TheAudenTheatre Well done Ben, Lara, Max, Louis & Ashley for sublime #Frankenstein tonight. Extraordinary!

“ Thanks ‪@SandPitTheatre ‪@SandringhamDram for a great show on Friday eve. ‘Frankenstein’ ‪@Blackeyedtheatr was clever, pacey & creative

“ Fantastic production of ‪#frankenstein this evening. ‪#Inspiring for all performers, designers and technicians! Lovely company to work with! 

“ ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‪ Frankenstein was the best performance I have ever seen! I loved Ben Warwicks performance Thank you for this amazing play 

“ Immersed in an extraordinary performance of Frankenstein by the ‪@Blackeyedtheatr 

“ Enjoyed taking Theatre Studs students 2 ‪@ChelmsTheatres ‪@Blackeyedtheatr Frankenstein – esp impressed by Bowie-lookalike lead & sound effects 

 Frankenstein at the ‪@The_Garrick was absolutely amazing!! One of the best performances I’ve seen in a while 

“ ‪@Blackeyedtheatr@The_Garrick family thought performance of Frankenstein fantastic & perfect 4 our eldest to bring the A’ level text 2 life 

“ Really enjoying ‪@Blackeyedtheatr production of ‪#Frankenstein so far at ‪@The_Garrick – such creative sound and puppetry, magic! 

” Fantastic night ‪@MalvernTheatres Frankenstein was original, compelling and utterly brilliant!!! 

” @MrASCook‪ Thank you for a spellbinding performance @MalvernTheatres tonight. A real standout show this season 

“ @MrASCook@LouisLabovitch @lara_frances @bengwarwick @MaxGallActMuso extraordinary performances tonight; we’ve not shut up about it yet ”

“ Bloody brilliant evening at the theatre in Malvern… if Frankenstein comes to a local theatre near you MUST treat yourself  

” Been to see this tonight. Superb production! Amazingly talented cast 🙂 ‪@MalvernTheatres ‪@Blackeyedtheatr 

‪@Blackeyedtheatr@MalvernTheatres So moved by Frankenstein. Great interpretation and fabulous cast. I’m amazed by the humanity of mannequin 

“ Theatre outings are the best. Especially when you see something as great as ‪#frankenstein ‪@MalvernTheatres ‪@Blackeyedtheatr ‪@LouisLabovitch 

“ @Blackeyedtheatr‪ at @MalvernTheatres tonight was fantastic! Great show, really enjoyed it. Really well put together and acting was ace 

“ Brilliant ‪#frankenstein by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr at ‪@MalvernTheatres – the creation of a monster: fable for our times 

 Wonderful to catch ‪@Blackeyedtheatr and FRANKENSTEIN last night ‪@GreenwichTheatr the monster was blooming brill! 

“ Oh wow, ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‘s Frankenstein at ‪@GreenwichTheatr was amazing. Final show there tonight, go see it! Keep your coat on though! 

“ Congratulations ‪@Blackeyedtheatr on a fabulous production of Frankenstein 🙂 

” Congrats to ‪@Blackeyedtheatr for a wonderful production of ‪#Frankenstein ‪@GreenwichTheatr creative, innovative storytelling at it’s best 

” Really enjoyed the ‪@Blackeyedtheatr production of ‪#Frankenstein last night. Loved Yonne Stone’s monster creation too. Great night. ‪#theatre 

“ Last  night’s  show was  sublime perfection!  One of the finest shows I’ve seen in my lifetime and I’ve walked out of West End with big names. If this is taken to the USA, audience would be whistling and on their feet with standing ovation. Timing was perfect, acting superb, storytelling creatively clever, sound/music appropriately dramatic,  use of stage/props, prophetic. Hardworking talented actors and massive team effort produced the exceptional. This is Art! 

“ Loved having the ‪#Frankenstein ‪@Blackeyedtheatr tour at the theatre. Fantastic performances loved by children and adults alike. ‪#NTRLincoln

“ Congratulations on a mesmerising performance of Frankenstein tonight at The Bridge House theatre. I am a big fan of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and loved your interpretation. Amazing how the monster came to life. Well done to you all and thank you 

 Just got in from watching your Lincoln performance of Frankenstein and I must say that you were all outstanding. Wonderful night and well worth the wait. Thank you from my wife and myself and looking forward to seeing even more fantastic theatre from you all 

“ ‪@Barnes_Wallis_‪ Year 8’s and staff were totally engrossed with Frankenstein by @Blackeyedtheatr @NTRLincoln Brilliant production! 

“ Took family to see ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‘s Frankenstein ‪@HGtheatre. They loved it, particularly praiseful of Louis Labovitch’s voice of Creature 

” Just been to see ‪#frankenstein by Black Eyed Theatre Company ‪@HGtheatre . Absolutely superb!!”

” @bengwarwick‪ played an excellent Victor Frankenstein at Harrogate last night!! Amazed!! 

“ Absolutely loved ‪@Blackeyedtheatr ‘s ‪#frankenstein ‪@HGtheatre last night. Mesmerising. Moving. Magical. A must see. ☆☆☆☆☆ ”

“ ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‪ excellent show tonight, the monster was impressive. Bravo! 

” @Blackeyedtheatr‪ Compelling staging of Frankenstien. If you want Mary Shelly’s remarkable novel right before your eyes. See this… 

“ ‪@bengwarwick‪ Just watched you in Frankenstein at Norwich Playhouse, wonderful performance man! 

“ @Blackeyedtheatr@norwichplay Had the best time! So clever & creative! We loved the monster and the scenery! Amazing production! Thank you! 

“ @Blackeyedtheatr‪ Fantastic performance this evening! You are all talented, brilliant and professional #Eastbourne 

“ A shout out to fab puppetry by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr in ‘Frankenstein’ yesterday 

“ Audible gasps when Frankenstein’s monster was revealed… stunning work ‪@Blackeyedtheatr ‪#frankenstein 

“ Just home from seeing ‪@blackeyedtheatr ‘s Frankenstein. A truely stunning production. Close to the novel and very original at the same time 

 Year 11 Drama students on their way back after watching ‘Frankenstein’ at The Devonshire Park Theatre. A great show and amazing puppetry! 

“ ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‪ if you do one thing this weekend go and see Frankenstein at the dev park #Eastbourne 

“ ‪@MaxGallActMuso‪ just saw Frankenstein and it was amazing xx 

” ‪@MaxGallActMuso‪ saw Frankenstein on Tuesday and it was amazing! You were so great! X 

” Bon voyage to the amazing ‪@Blackeyedtheatr – one of our favourite companies – come back and see us soon please! ‪#frankenstein – go see it! 

“ ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‪ really enjoyed #frankenstein tonight at @TMAC_Taunton brilliant puppetry and a proper ensemble performance

“ ‪@Blackeyedtheatr‪ Frankenstein- Brilliant evening, fantastic performance – moving, deep and dramatic – well done 

” A fab production of Frankenstein at The Theatre Royal in Margate. Very clever way of bringing the monster to life! “

“ I would just like to comment on how much my family and I enjoyed the show, Frankenstein, last night. We thought it was thoroughly gripping and extremely well produced, presented and acted. It was a pleasure to be able to watch such a stunning piece of theatre in our local town and look forward to hearing about more productions like this from the Woodville! 

“ Frankenstein ‪@Blackeyedtheatr Hexham, what a creation, Puppet with a haunting melancholy voice, Incredible atmosphere, very memorable. 

“ The Modern Prometheus lives once more…” exquisite adaptation by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr . Something to be utterly thrilled about and proud of 

“ Just got home from seeing ‘Frankenstein’ at Macrobert Arts Centre, University of Stirling. A very good adaptation 

 Really enjoyed Frankenstein tonight by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr it got me in the Halloween mood especially enjoyed ‪@bengwarwick 

“ ‪@bengwarwick‪ – loved your performance in Frankenstein tonight at Dundee Rep. It was a wonderful show, although the story so terribly sad 

“ Thoroughly enjoyed ‪@Blackeyedtheatr and their portrayal of ‘Frankenstein’! Amazing set, great acting and an overall must-see performance 

” Just got back from ‪@Blackeyedtheatr ‪#frankenstein performance… incredible performance, would love to watch it again 

” Amazing performance of Frankenstein by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr today 

“ Great night tonight watching Frankenstein ‪@Blackeyedtheatr at the ‪@thomashardye !! ”

“ Saw the production.1430 hrs Dundee Rep today,an absolute portrayal of an excellent subject. The cast and support team were fantastic and the professional manner that they performed and interacted with “monster” was of an extremely high standard, cast displayed extremely cohesive team effort, the organisation of which was faultlessly executed,hats off to production team and also to director. Thank you for entertaining us 

” I was in the audience at the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy for your Frankenstein production on Thursday 27th October. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the performance and well done to you and all involved. The actor playing Victor Frankenstein was particularly strong in his characterisation. I also enjoyed the use of the puppet for the monster. Again well done and good luck for the rest of the tour 

“ Just back from seeing Frankenstein at the MacRoberts Art Centre. Absolutely stunning. The cast were uniformly excellent and in bringing the Creature to life they proved to be every bit as adept as Victor Frankenstein himself! I also loved the clever and convincing use of sound throughout. All in all, a fantastic pre-Halloween night out. Best wishes for the rest of the tour 

“ I saw the show in Stirling and was blown away. The effect of the monster was amazing. It took about two lines of dialogue to stop watching for how well synchronized everything was and just believe in the character. I especially like the effect when two actors spoke the same lines and the multiple chatter from the puppeteers/actors. Well done everyone, great show! 

“ Good day to you all. I was very pleased and indeed felt honoured to have seen your production of Frankenstein at the Gala Theatre in Durham on Monday. Probably the most innovative adaptation of Frankenstein I have come across in all honesty. Fantastic pace and flawlessly executed by the small and versatile cast. Bravo to the cast and all the team responsible for this gem. Hoping to see more from yourselves in the not too distant future…. All the best 

“ Saw your production of “Frankenstein” last night at Hexham.  As ever an innovative exiting and original interpretation. Absolutely stunning. Had ten seats booked at Hexham last year in the front row for  “Gatsby” unfortunately storms made the roads impossnible to get there. Did manage to catch it with a couple of friends at the Theatre on the lake also Harrogate. More than worth the trip. Have seen many of your productions and wish I could have seen them all. You are to me the most innovative and entertaining drama group I have ever seen. Thank you Blackeyed Theatre. Best wishes for future in great and original theatre 

 To the cast and production team. I had the pleasure of taking my husband and son to see the beautiful performance of Frankenstein at the Queen’s Hall in Hexham. May I congratulate you all on your fantastic performance.  I was thoroughly immersed in the emotion and intensity of the story, all brought to life with the passionate acting, seamless prop changes and sound effects.  My 10 year old was moved to tears at the end and we talked about the play all the way home.  Well done. I hope to see you back in Northumberland 

“ Saw the production of ‘Frankenstein’ at Alnwick Playhouse on Thursday. It was superb! The actor’s were excellent, moving back and forth between characters flawlessly, and bringing each one fully to life. Their skill with the puppet was amazing, as you actually didn’t ‘see’ them, but rather viewed the creature as a member of the cast in his own right. The novel is my joint number one favourite book, and it was wonderful to see the characters I know so well actually appearing on stage unlike in other productions/films. My only regret is that I have seen the adaptation only once. Congratulations to all concerned. A brilliant production 

“ I have just been to see your production of Frankenstein and I loved every second. The emotive performances of both Frankenstein himself and the creature were outstanding. Each actor is hugely talented and I applaud you all for such dedication to your many roles. I feel very honoured to have been part of such a phenomenal theatre experience 

” Just been to see Frankenstein at Hexham tonight. Wow. What an amazing performance. The set took up from a ship, to Frankenstein’s childhood home, to his university and lab perfectly. The actors were absolutely brilliant, on stage percussion set the mood perfectly. The creature (I can’t call him a monster, I felt sorry for him in the end) was so well put together, what an original idea, he was mesmerising. Thank you all for a wonderful evening 

” Absolutely loved the performance of Frankenstein at Hexham’s Queen’s Hall last night, massive thanks to the cast and crew for bringing fantastic quality theatre to the provinces!!!!! “

“ @Blackeyedtheatr@Mbrotheatre no thankyou my first ever time at theater front row tickets best £28 I’ve spent worth every penny ”

“ @Blackeyedtheatr‪ wow that was incredible, 1sttime @Mbrotheatre the cast and production performances were mesmerising #Frankenstein #Thankyou 

” Saw Frankenstein in ‪#Alnwick today – would highly recommend! 

“ Frankenstein was amazing. Acting, music & puppetry all incredible ‪@Blackeyedtheatr ‪@QueensHall 

“ thoroughly enjoyed the @blackeyedtheatre production of Frankenstein at Hexham’s ‪@QueensHall how they did ‘the creature’ was inspired!!!! 

“ Dear Blackeyed Theatre Company. Just a brief email to thank you all for such a wonderful performance last night at the Palace Theatre in Mansfield. The production, set, background music and the quality of the acting were all superb and really added to the drama and story telling. We were amazed by the ‘monster’ puppet – so lifelike!  Many thanks and best of luck with the rest of the tour.

 Interval… oh my god. It’s actually brilliant! I’m so amazed by it! ‪@GalaDurham ‪#Frankenstein 

 ‪@GalaDurham@Blackeyedtheatr really enjoyed Frankenstein tonight. Cleverly produced and faithful to the book. Thanks 

“ Dracula gave me high expectations for ‪@Blackeyedtheatr, but what do you know? Frankenstein is even better. Finishes at ‪@GalaDurham tonight. 

“ I have just been to see your production of Frankenstein and I loved every second. The emotive performances of both Frankenstein himself and the creature were outstanding. Each actor is hugely talented and I applaud you all for such dedication to your many roles. I feel very honoured to have been part of such a phenomenal theatre experience. 

” Myself and young drama students really enjoyed tonight’s performance of ‪@Blackeyedtheatr Frankenstein, get along if you can! ‪@CornExchange 

” Excellent production of Frankenstein ‪@MansfieldPalace tonight by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr – so inventive and creative. Congrats to the whole team! “

“ Enjoyed performance of Frankenstein tonight – themes as strong as when Shelley wrote original text ‪@blackeyedtheatr ‪@EducAtThePalace ”

“ Great performance of ‪#Frankenstein by ‪@Blackeyedtheatr in Mansfield! It’s on tour now – go watch it, really creative!‪#impressed 

” Really enjoyed the ‪@Blackeyedtheatr production of ‘Frankenstein’ at ‪@MansfieldPalace last night 

“ Just arrived back from #theatresevern after watching your performance of #Frankenstein as a birthday treat. Thank you for creating such a wonderful piece of theatre. So engrossing and beautiful with the perfect amount of energy. The best performance I’ve ever seen. Thank you and keep in creating! 

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the workshop at the Haymarket on Friday last week. Ashley and Louis delivered an excellent and informative session, and were only too keen to answer all the girls questions. It really enhanced their whole experience of “Frankenstein”, with the addition of learning new skills in puppetry – I shall be intrigued to see where they can fit the ideas of Banraku into their performance work…  With many of our girls being keen musicians too, they were really ‘fired up’ about the prospect of adding live music into their Drama work and I can’t wait to see the results over the next few weeks! All in all a wonderful time was had by all (even the two maths teachers I brought along with me!) and we wish you and the team all the best for the tour – I shall be thoroughly recommending it to other Drama teachers in the area when we meet for our yearly meeting next week

Had a great night out at Frankenstein recently..fantastic production of a new script. Terrific cast made the most of every single moment, especial complements to our hero (or villain depending on your point of view) and the extra-ordinary voicing of the monster, along with a fabulous soundscape created onstage by the actors. The Director should take a bow when he gets a chance! 

“ What an incredible performance of Frankenstein on Friday at the Haymarket. Fantastic story telling, and the monster was so well done, so much empathy towards him. A contemporary and fresh production of a classic story. Thank you for the Q&A after the show, that was an invaluable experience for students we took. The 40+ GCSE Drama students I had with me will certainly have a lot to write about in their theatre review! ”

“ Frankenstein at The Haymarket, Basingstoke. WOW!!!! You blew me away. Powerful, gripping, clever – I was utterly transported and didn’t want it to end. Thank you! 

” Fantastic production of “Frankenstein” by @Blackeyedtheatr tonight. Brilliant work by cast and crew “

” Well done on great interpretation of Frankenstein last night. Clever. Gripping. Moving.

“ Wow, just Wow! Just seen your performance in Andover. That was some of the most powerful acting I’ve ever seen. I kept on holding my breath and was gripped throughout. Outstanding storytelling and the acting was incredible. Be proud!

“ It was brilliant. Imaginative, moody, great acting all round, fantastic lighting, great use of the stage. Easy to hear etc. Really really good. All the best for a full and successful run.

” Wow. Frankenstein was fantastic. Great opening night. Such a complex show but so innovative and highly entertaining. The monster is a must see. Well done to all the cast , crew and creatives. Wishing you all the best for a fabulous tour. You deserve it. “

“ Home now after a very enjoyable evening watching the first performance of BlackEyed Theatre’s production of Frankenstein – bloody marvellous!! Very well done to all cast and crew, it was well paced, atmospheric, heard every word, and the monster was terrific, scary and yet I felt sympathy for him too. I am possibly more emotionally worn out than the cast! Keep up the good work and thank you all x 

” Great opening night for the #FrankensteinTour @southhillpark Check the tour calendar, buy tickets, go and enjoy a well told story! “

” Absolutely brilliant opening night of @Blackeyedtheatr #FrankensteinTour. What they have achieved in 3 weeks is miraculous. Go and see it!!! “

@Blackeyedtheatr Frankenstein is an interesting adaptation. Very intelligent & theatrically imaginative.

” Congratulations yet again — thought the play was excellent (a tough one to stage too ).Your Frankenstein was just superb -as were all the cast.xxxxxx “

” Went to see Frankenstein  this evening. LOVED it. Simple as that. Just wanted you to know. xxx “

” Splendid production of Frankenstein tonight, congratulations Adrian McDougall and Blackeyed Theatre and your super talented hard working cast and team of creatives, it looks and sounds beautiful! Moving too. Good luck with the tour. Go see it if you can folks! “

” Congratulations to all involved on a very compelling production. Have an amazing run. “

@Blackeyedtheatr @bengwarwick @lara_frances @MrASCook @MaxGallActMuso  Frankenstein. Wonderful piece of theatre, loved it, enjoy the tour!

” Frankenstein was incredible at South hill park last night. Well done Adrian McDougall Eliot Giuralarocca cast and crew. See this on its tour travels, definitely one not to miss. “

” Thoroughly enjoyed Frankenstein – very stylish, great performances, and the ‘creature’ was fantastic. Have a great run! “

A fantastic production of Frankenstein by Blackeyed Theatre.Congratulations Adrian McDougall on yet another brilliant production. Dark, gothic, visually-stunning! A must-see.