Teechers (2015)

“ Mega congrats to you Teechers clan – what a lovely way to spend a Friday laughing (a lot) and seeing lots of lovely people too. Hurrah. Brad Clapson Jake Addley Adrian McDougall = Team Amazeballs xx If you missed it, catch it on tour over the next 10 weeks – you will not be disappointed Blackeyed Theatre ”

“ Brilliant show, adored it! Especially thought the comic timing was spot on. Cool dance routines. Chatted to the mostly very young audience and their general feedback was ‘fantastic’! Great work guys! 🙂 ”

@SarahTrenfield1: Loved #Teechers at @SwindonArtsCent tonight!! Brilliant acting 🙂 would highly recommend!

“ Teechers at SHP brilliant! Well done to Adrian McDougall and all of involved at Blackeyed theatre. ”

@kon23uk: Seen @Blackeyedtheatr at Swindon Arts: impressive performance and characterisation. Brought out the underlying theme brilliantly.

@RosieeHill: Teechers by @Blackeyedtheatr is a MUST SEE! Absolutely brilliant. Do not miss out! #theatre #mustsee #needstotransfer

@misstyshep: Watched a fantastic production of #Teechers last night @southhillpark well done to @AddleyJake and @BClapson hope the tour goes as well.

@markdavidhooper: Teechers by @Blackeyedtheatr is not to be missed! Hilarious. It’s at @SwindonArtsCent tonight and touring nationally through to March.

@bronson_webb: Watching a cracking little production of teachers. At the @southhillpark wilde theatre #local

@NikiEskanlucy: @Blackeyedtheatr ‘Teechers’ starring @BClapson @Luceebee & Jacob Addley @southhillpark Brilliant energy and comedy. A+ to the class of 2015!

@jampotjohn: Five star performances from the cast of #Teechers @Blackeyedtheatr tonight. A must see production on tour around the UK!

@bone_sophie: Teechers is so good so far!! Well done @AddleyJake and @BClapson your making me and @Honeyparker3 are dying with laughter up here!!

@TH3P0W3R: Saw @Blackeyedtheatr production ‘Teechers’ @BClapson @Luceebee & Jacob Addley got a massive pop from me! Maybe inspired a ring entrance too😉

@Kelly_Wheeler08: ‘Teechers’ was amazing tonight with @BClapson @Luceebee and Jacob Addley! Such a hilarious yet eye opening performance 😍

@Derek_Florey: Saw @Blackeyedtheatr  production of Teechers this evening. Clever, hillarious brillantly performed . You must catch it if you can

@FrogmoreCollege: Y11 Drama GCSE students thoroughly enjoyed and inspired by the production of Teechers at South Hill Park last night http://t.co/oLaDvcdRkt

Teechers at @southhillpark was so funny! Recommend it

Teechers was so good

Teechers was soooo good at South hill park, I’d definitely recommend going 🙌☺️

LOVED teechers tonight at @southhillpark. Too funny

@Luceebee just watched teechers in Swindon with my school it was brilliant

Thank you @Blackeyedtheatr for a hilarious show last night – all those in education NEED to see this production of John Godber’s ‘Teechers’!

Just back from seeing Teechers tonight in Swindon. I wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed it, and wanted to congratulate the cast & crew for an awesome show! Moving, funny and poignant. Well done guys! Stu (Mr Harrison at the front)

 Just had the most joyous evening watching Teechers. I loved every minute of it. Laughed til I cried. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved, and break a leg on tour with it x

‘Teechers’ was great last night, as was the Post-Show discussion 🙂 @Blackeyedtheatr

I highly recommend seeing Teechers if you’re in / just left school it is so relatable plus @AddleyJake @BClapson and @Luceebee are amazing!

Watched such a great production of Teechers, reminded me how much I loved being in that play at school. #hobbyforever

Great evening watching John Godber’s ‘Teechers’!

@Blackeyedtheatr Absolutely loved watching #Teechers tonight at @LPAC_Lincoln! Well done to the talented cast…and for mentioning Topkapi!

Superb evening @LPAC_Lincoln watching Teechers with @UTCLincoln teachers! Hilarious! Laughed til I cried at the geography comment!!

@Blackeyedtheatr that was the best version of #Teechers we’ve ever seen @LPAC_Lincoln absolutely brilliant!

@Blackeyedtheatr really loved teechers tonight soooo funny and such incredible cast!! Really really enjoyed it!

Omg just saw Teechers it was so good!! @BClapson @Luceebee & Jacob Addley were amazing it was so relatable hahaha

Went to see Teechers last night at the LPAC in Lincoln – it was incredible! Whoever wrote the script was a genius! The three cast members had the whole audience in stitches; they should all be proud of themselves because they are so talented and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them perform. Would recommend to anyone who hasn’t watched it yet!

Just to say how much myself & the students from Hethersett Academy enjoyed the performance last night. Good luck with the rest of the run!

First time @TheatreRoyalBSE last night for @Blackeyedtheatr #TEECHERS Brilliant, laugh a minute, timeless play. Tku Salty, Gail & Hobby!

#teechers by @Blackeyedtheatr was amazing last night! Loved every second of it! Hilarious! I recommend it when ever you get a chance!

Went to go an see #teechers was actually the best performance I’ve ever seen

@Blackeyedtheatr amazing performance tonight loved it

Went to see #teechers at @Blackeyedtheatr, it was amazing!

Just saw #teechers !! Absolutely hilarious! would definitely see it again!! Go check it out if you can 🙂 @Blackeyedtheatr @TheatreRoyalBSE

Loved @Blackeyedtheatr’s TEECHERS at the @MumfordTheatre last night – great energy, characters were distinctive and engaging. Well done!

Teechers was amazing… Now I just have to write a 2000 word essay on it #yay @Blackeyedtheatr

@BClapson @Luceebee @AddleyJake you were all brilliant last night! Exceeded my expectations!👌big up!✌️x

Teechers at Mumford Theatre was so good

Absolutely buzzing after seeing Teechers. Just go see it.

I went to see your production ‘teechers’ about 10 mins ago. It was soo good!! It was really funny but also showed the problems which us young people face. I would definitely tweet if I could but 5* this is definitely one of the best shows I have ever seen.

Awesome show at Theatre Royal last night – it certainly looked like the highlight of the week for very many of the real teachers in the audience!

Amazing show of #Teechers by @Blackeyedtheatr at @TheatreRoyalBSE last night. And they’re right. No teacher can dance for toffee.

@Luceebee such a good show! You were brilliant and so talented xx @Blackeyedtheatr #Teechers

@BClapson such a good show! Flawless character change…such amazingness in one show 😉 #Teechers @Blackeyedtheatr

Last night was absolutely amazing now got to write 2000 word review on the performance #teechers

#teechers at bury St Edmund’s was amazing, love the play! Amazing actors.

Watching Godber’s Teechers tonight made me think!#passionate about providing a rich & varied curriculum in the Arts!

@AddleyJake YOU MADE US ALL CRY WITH ALL YOUR EMOTIONALNESS STUFF. that was so fun thank you #teechers we were with rapunzel;)

@Blackeyedtheatr WELL DONE! Such a hilarious show! Teechers was incredible! All three of you worked bloody hard! Best of luck with the show!

Wow just been to see your performance at Theatre Severn AMAZING.As a recently retired Drama teacher relate to it all! Acting wonderful.Felt i was back in the studio with the caretakers telling me off.Thank you so much loved it.May come back tomorrow to see it again!

Thank you to the cast/crew of John Godber’s ‘Teechers’ @theatresevern, a fantastic #performance

Easily one of the best productions of Teechers I’ve seen tonight- absolutely loved it!!! @Blackeyedtheatr @theatresevern

Really enjoyed teechers tonight! Was such a good play 👌

Loved seeing @Luceebee doing her thang tonight in “Teechers.” Fab play and cast💜🎭

Fantastic evening with @farmer_meg watching the awesome #teechers @theatresevern #hilarious @BClapson

@Blackeyedtheatr @AddleyJake @BClapson @Luceebee just saw teachers! Amazing! Already love my singing and acting, this inspired me even more!

Saw Teechers last night in Shrewsbury, got stomach aches from laughter😂 thank you @AddleyJake @BClapson & @Luceebee you were all amazing!🎉

Teechers was amazing tonight! So funny and the cast was amazing! @Luceebee now for the AS exam on it..

@Blackeyedtheatr was hilarious @theatresevern Studying Teechers for A-Level brill to see it live & performed at such a high standard!

@Blackeyedtheatr just enjoyed a great performance of teecheers. Mr Harrison would be a fool to leave

saw teechers in Tewkesbury today and it was hilarious😂@AddleyJake had a nice chat with us too✌ @Blackeyedtheatr @BClapson @Luceebee 👌

@AddleyJake Saw the play ‘Teechers’ tonight with my GCSE Drama class at theater royal in Bury St. Edmunds. Better than most Hollywood actors

Having seen your production of “Teechers” at Southport’s Atkinson Theatre, I would like to say what a brilliant show it was – funny, fast-paced, and with fantastic dance routines and precision timing- all performed by a very talented and inspiring cast.

Great but manic performance tonight in Barnstaple to an audience full of teachers, judging from the laughter. Glad I’m not one!

Went and saw the teechers performance and it was totally amazing. I strongly suggest people go and see it.

Thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s performance at The Brunton in Musselburgh. Fabulously funny!

Just back from a fantastic night at Cumbernauld Theatre. “Teechers” by the Blackeyed Theatre Company ,was a tour de force of comedic talent . I’d recommend it to anyone who has been to school and has a sense of humour , Teachers especially will be in stitches. There’s some swearing and smut just like schooldays so it’s not for young children. Our mixed audience laughed till we ached at the flood of hilarious characters insanely well delivered . This was mad, moody and magnificent teenage mayhem, mixed with razor-sharp characterisation of Teachers we could all recognise from mis-spent youth . Catch them in Stirling tomorrow night.

@Blackeyedtheatr production of John Godbers Teechers at @NDevonTheatres tonight was one of the best&funniest performances I’ve seen to date

Great #MotheringSunday treat #playhouseweston #teechers #johngodber # asbrilliantasever

Great night at #teechers highly recommend. Thanks to the cast for answering our Q’s for our exam @AddleyJake @BClapson @Luceebee

@Blackeyedtheatr brilliant production, brilliant acting, well done!

Saw Teechers at Octagon last night. @Blackeyedtheatr absolutely brilliant. Talented, energetic and hilarious performers. Real professionals

#teechers Brilliant, funny, poignant play…cast fantastic & well deserved the rousing applause they got at The Lights Andover last night..

O.M.G. that was like soooo amazing! @Blackeyedtheatr’s Teechers was the best!

@Blackeyedtheatr @TheLights Well done, didn’t know what to expect but you had us in stitches. Fantastic show! Thank you.

Found #teechers hilariously funny tonight😂 best show I have seen so far😍 love it💕 @AddleyJake

Great night watching @BClapson @AddleyJake @Luceebee in Teechers! Such an awesome and hilarious show! You guys were amazing!

#teechers was even more amazing the second time 👏👌 @Blackeyedtheatr was definitely worth a 40 minute drive ✨

Was so good to see Teechers by @Blackeyedtheatr again, brilliant as usual✨ so weird to see it 2 years on✌️

@AddleyJake you were all amazing as always. Was definitely worth coming to seeing you all again @Blackeyedtheatr 👌👏

Fantastic production of #Teechers @Macrobert in the company of @mckay_cully Great way to spend a Wednesday night. 🙂

Teechers was fab tonight @Macrobert! Such a well written, well performed show! Laughed soooo much! @AddleyJake @Luceebee @BClapson

Can’t get over how amazing teechers was tonight! Hope our wee drama class can do as well as @AddleyJake @Luceebee @BClapson

@Mbrotheatre loved #teechers excellent fast moving production & oh so accurate!! V talented cast – i want to see it again!

@AddleyJake @BClapson @Luceebee @Blackeyedtheatr Teechers was fab! You reminded me so much of my own Y11 Drama students – and why I teach!

Loved @Blackeyedtheatr Teechers @AlnPlayhouse just as much as the 1st time @AddleyJake was amazing again with his new cast members loved it!

@BClapson you were amazing on wednesday night, given me lots of inspiration on how to play Hobby (and Cordelia) very funny show!

@Blackeyedtheatr absolutely stunning performance of Teechers tonight in Durham. I wanna go back to school…not.

@Blackeyedtheatr Loved the production last night! Bloody fantastic and hilarious. Please tell Hobby I love him.

Fantastic production of Teechers. I have seen it twice before but enjoyed yours most at Barnsley Civic last Saturday. Well done to all.

An amazing performance tonight at The Castle, Wellingborough. My best friend (whose daughter is privately schooled) and I (whose daughter was merely thrown to the lions) absolutely loved it (and so did the girls, well mine did anyway…) as did our accompanying German exchange student. Thanks for a wonderful evening from the standing ovationing, ice cream eating, scarf wearer in row B.

Hi, just to say well done for “Teechers” which I saw at the Arlington Arts centre tonight (I was in the first row wearing a purple shirt). I was most impressed with the energy put into the performance, a wonderful evening’s entertainment, thank you.

Just come back from seeing ‘Teechers’ at the Arena theatre in Wolverhampton – it was brilliant, – very amusing and excellent acting and dancing. Well done to the cast of three. Thank you for such a funny afternoon.

Watched #teechers tonight in Tunbridge Wells! Teechers was amazing! Thank you @AddleyJake 👍xo

Decided to see @Blackeyedtheatr production of Teechers on a whim. Cast were great. Dancing was terrible (school disco). Enjoyed.

@blackeyedtheatr The cast addressed me, as Mr Harrison, sitting in the front row, at the end of the production, tears rolled down my cheeks

@Blackeyedtheatr Just finished watching’Teechers’ in T/Wells, a hilarious and moving play by three brilliant and very talented young actors

Great trip with yrs 8-11 to Didcot Theatre to see Teechers! Great way to end this term! Happy Easter everyone!

@AddleyJake watched ‘teechers’ last night at Burnley Mechanics. Couldn’t stop laughin,acting was amazing and was a good night all together👌💯

Great night @Bly_Mechanics watching @Blackeyedtheatr’s Teechers

Went to see @Blackeyedtheatr ‘s ‘Teechers’ last night and probably going again tonight to show my mum😆😂 was amazing!!!! @AddleyJake

Looking forward to writing my uni review. Amazing show 🙂 made me fall in love with performing all over again! @Blackeyedtheatr #Teechers

Interval at the @Arena_Theatre and @Blackeyedtheatr are mind blowing! What a great cast. Best adaptation of the show I have seen! #Talent

#teechers is the best play I’ve seen👏 unbelievable acting😲

@Blackeyedtheatr had a great time watching #Teechers tonight. It was a pleasure to sit and speak to the cast members afterwards. 😃

@Blackeyedtheatr had a fantastic night watching #teechers. It has such a lovely cast!

@Blackeyedtheatr #teechers was inspiring. Really needed reminding what I’m studying for.

Amazing production of #teechers by @Blackeyedtheatr with the kiddies!