Jane Eyre

“ Just seen this is Peterborough. It was absolutely amazing. Such a beautiful production and brilliantly acted. Jane Eyre is one of my favourite books and she is my heroine so it was fantastic to see it performed with so much passion and in such an interesting way! Can’t wait to see what you do next! 

“ Dragged myself out of my sickbed to see the black eyed theatre production of #janeEyre this evening at the Key Theatre and I’m so glad I did! It was insanely good and I can praise everything from the talented actors and musicians, to the lighting and scenery. 5 stars! I should add I’m a massive fan of the book and a terrible critic. The production was that good I was fighting the urge to climb up on the stage and sit next to the piano! Bravo @Blackeyedtheatr #JaneEyre 

“ Incredible production of #JaneEyre tonight at The Theatre, Chipping Norton from @Blackeyedtheatr it really was superb; acting, set, music, script….Reader, I loved it. 

“ Brilliant theatre isn’t just in the West End… Just had a great evening seeing @Blackeyedtheatr Jane Eyre at @ChippyTheatre – excellent production and cast – 2 more shows on Saturday so be sure not to miss it! (Also people stood up at the end and that NEVER happens in Chippy!) 

“ What a talented cast @Blackeyedtheatr production of Jane Eyre @ChippyTheatre. Loved the hilarious Mrs Fairfax 

“ Wonderful evening watching a fabulous Jane Eyre. A multi-talented group performing an emotional play @Blackeyedtheatr 

“ Jane Eyre at Chipping Norton FANTASTIC! What a slick production, amazing versatility of the actors and some heart-stopping moments 

“ Been on a little theatre trip today haven’t I! Jane Eyre- poetic storytelling led by a mesmerising (and northern!) @kelsey_short_ and super talented ensemble @Blackeyedtheatr x 

@Blackeyedtheatr what a fabulous and captivating performance of Jane Eyre tonight @WatersideArts. Didn’t want it to end! Bravo! 

“ Great show of #janeeyre by @Blackeyedtheatr tonight! Some talented actors in that bunch. Wow. Thanks @WatersideArts 

“ Saw it in Shrewsbury last week. Superbly staged and performed. The extremely talented cast were all quite brilliant 

“ Just seen this at the Lichfield Garrick theatre, one of the best plays we have ever seen, anywhere, by top class actors who are at the top of their profession. Absolutely amazing and if anyone reading this gets the chance, please go to see it, the cast, production and music are amazing. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy the score by George Jennings? Magical 

“ I went to see Jane Eyre at the Garrick Theatre on Saturday 15 February 2020 with a friend. The play was brilliantly and cleverly done. There were only 5 actors on stage doing different parts apart from who played Jane Eyre as she was hardly off stage and also narrated the story within her role. The set was minimal but effective and the atmospheric music played by four of the actors was really good. Look out for Blackeyed Theatre as they have very talented actors and look forward to seeing further plays of theirs at the Garrick Theatre 

“ Firstly, what an amazing and enjoyable performance of Jane Eyre last night in Shrewsbury. I found myself fully absorbed into the performance. It was beyond excellent as far as I was concerned. Thank you. What really came across wasn’t just the passion, but also the kindness that was extended to Jane throughout the story, something I fear is sadly lacking in the human experience these days 

@Blackeyedtheatr thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s performance of Jane Eyre… Such an amazingly talented group of actors. Bravo to everyone involved! 

“ Just watched Jane Eyre by Blackeyed theatre company @theatresevern absolutely stunning!!! 

“ Sensational performance of Jane Eyre @theatresevern this evening by the outrageously talented @Blackeyedtheatr Take 5 actors, a piano, cello, violin and tenor recorder, add the greatest gothic novel of the age and you have a remarkable piece. Thank you 

“ Saw this in Shrewsbury last night. I was transfixed. Captivating and enthralling. Hard to believe there were only five people 

“ Went to see this on Friday night..fantastic production..really enjoyed this…thank you 

“ Just seen Jane Eyre this evening in Wolverhampton so utterly amazing so very enjoyable 

“ I watched your matinee production of Jane Eyre at the Lighthouse in Poole yesterday. It was brilliant in every way, thank you. I have seen several productions of Jane Eyre and related plays (Diana Quick in After Mrs Rochester; the NT Jane Eyre, Bronte etc etc) and many of them have been fantastic. The Orson Welles film is fantastic. But nothing has ever matched your production, which brought me to tears several times and left me completely shaken afterwards! Apart from one or two moments, the acting was perfect. PERFECT! I was literally on the edge of my seat for the whole second half: I can’t remember the last time that happened. I went down from London to take my 80 year-old mother to a play, never imagining I would be so electrified. My mother does not show her emotions and found it difficult sitting next to someone who was gasping and stifling sobs! haha! I would like to congratulate you all on your performances, especially as it was one of those matinees that actors do not exactly relish. (I have co-written books with several actors and performers and heard all about it!) Ben Warwick was utterly charismatic and believable as Mr Rochester – a difficult balance, especially if you’re playing to fans of Wide Sargasso Sea, as I am. It was a really moving performance, very delicately tuned – and unexpected. And when Kelsey Short did Jane’s ‘I am not a machine’ speech, it brought back to me all the fierce feelings I had when I first read the novel at 12 or 13! I think the book made me a feminist! Your production brought it all back. (The other acting was superb – Camilla Simson, Eleanor Toms and Oliver Hamilton are astonishingly versatile.) Thank you so, so much for putting everything into it. I just felt so privileged to be there 

“ I watched this at the Lighthouse in Poole today afternoon. It was the best performance I have seen for ages 

“ Watched Jane Eyre @LighthousePoole this evening and it was absolutely amazing. The actors were sooooooo talented especially @kelsey_short_ and @bengwarwick and the whole production was simply stunning. #bravo #charlottebronte 

“ Just watched black eyed theatre perform Jane Eyre at the Lighthouse in Poole. Absolutely sensational. Brilliant!! 

“ No unnecessary mics, no big set, no band, just 5 incredibly skilled actor musicians – @blackeyedtheatre I was totally blown away by Jane Eyre last night 😍 I’ve never been so impressed by a group of actors who despite having a minimal set, manage to TOTALLY convey a scene using just the expressions on their faces and some physical theatre! Very inspired ❤️ and it reminded me how much I loved the book so THANK YOU 

“ Saw this wonderful production with an incredible multi- talented cast at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford. Gripping from beginning to end. Seeing it again in March – can’t wait. It was sensational 

“ An outstanding production. Huge congrats to you all! 

“ After enjoying your magnificent production of Jane Eyre at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre yesterday evening we have booked to see it again at the Capitol in Horsham. Such a talented cast, it was gripping from beginning to end, you brought the characters to life and should be so proud of yourselves. Such a pleasure to be able to hear every word. Thank you 

“ Hi there. We have never felt compelled to write to a theatre company after a show before but this is an exception! We saw the afternoon matinee today in Guildford and absolutely loved it. The way you used such a small company to portray such a wide range of roles making every one of them believable was so impressive. The music added so much to the story and showcased what a talented group you are. We both had genuine tears in our eyes by the end of the show. Jane – through the ages – gave an outstanding performance but the success of the show was truly a team effort. Thank you so much for giving us such a memorable afternoon of entertainment. We hope your tour continues to be a success 

“ Just come home from your production in Guildford this evening – and had to write to say how much I enjoyed the evening. Great characterisation, loved the staging and your great musical talent. Thank you so much for a great evening 

“ I want to thank you for the most incredible performance of Jane Eyre at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre last night! It was astonishingly good and we were completely blown away. Plus, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet Ben Warwick afterwards 

“ @EleanorSToms and the rest of the cast in @Blackeyedtheatr JANE EYRE are fantastic. See this show if you can 

“ Absolutely brilliant @Blackeyedtheatr production #JaneEyre @YvonneArnaud tonight. Wonderful performances by @The_GSA @EleanorSToms and all cast. Loved the music @The_GSA @jennings_george Go See This!!! #shemarriedhim 

“ Immensely proud of @EleanorSToms last night in @Blackeyedtheatr ‘Jane Eyre’. Inventive, economic storytelling – wonderful ensemble cast – and what a treat to be back in Guildford! Everybody, catch a date on the tour 

“ Bravo @Blackeyedtheatr – what a cracking production of Jane Eyre this evening @YvonneArnaud #Guildford. Faithful yet innovative. Beautiful music and singing. A gothic feast indeed 

“ Took my Mum to see it for her birthday – absolutely brilliant! Bravo! 

“ Jane Eyre was fantastic. Possibly the best show I have seen at the Kenton. Do yourself a favour and go and see it tonight 

“ My wife and I saw Jane Eyre last night at the Kenton. What a totally mesmerising performance. Thank you! 

“ Amazing performance @kentontheatre with the wonderfully talented cast of @Blackeyedtheatr (only 5 people believably portraying the depth and breadth of the characters involved) and a phenomenally imaginative set design/direction! Bravo to all involved #kentonvolunteer 

“ Just seen this in Henley. An outstanding performance which I would strongly recommend. Thanks for coming to the Kenton 

“ We had a wonderful time watching Jane Eyre in Coventry last night! we all throughly enjoyed it- our group ranged from 72 to 10 years old and each of us loved it! such a talented cast! the musical element was a really unexpected surprise I felt like we’d been to a music gig as well! this was my daughters introduction to one of my favourite books and she’s been talking about it all evening! At the moment she’s very unforgiving of Rochester’s lies. Thank you for a wonderful piece of theatre! x 

“ Coventry people who also like books – the @Blackeyedtheatr production of Jane Eyre is on at @albanytheatre for one more night and it is very excellent and you should go and see it tomorrow. You can thank me later 

“ I took my A Level Drama students to see @Blackeyedtheatr’s sensational Jane Eyre last night at @albanytheatre and was blown away. One of my favourite books, retold by 5 actor-musicians in a way that was incredibly faithful to Brontë’s original text, yet cutting edge & compelling 

“ Absolutely loved your performance at the Castle in Wellingborough last night – what a fabulous cast, I was engrossed from start to finish. It was a great adaptation. Thank you 

@Blackeyedtheatr performance of Jane Eyre @castle_WEL tonight was mesmerising, talented actor/musicians doing their brilliant stuff. Such clever use of props too. My group of friends all enjoyed it enormously 

“ Jane Eyre by Blackeyed Theatre in the beautifully historic Theatre Royal. Just perfect! Wonderful performance in the most atmospheric setting! @blackeyedtheatre, the perfect Saturday night! 

“ Just back from seeing your production of Jane Eyre at the Theatre Royal, Margate. It was excellent, thoroughly gripping and entertaining! Thank you 

@TheatreRoyal @Blackeyedtheatr Jane Eyre was a masterpiece! 

“ Bravo @Blackeyedtheatr wonderfully tragic-comic performance of #JaneEyre in the charming #Georgian #Margate @TheatreRoyal @NiaZikos1997 

“ I went to see Jane Eyre on Monday in Eindhoven and what a deep, emotive and intelligent show.  It was incredibly moving, not just in its themes and story, but also in the obvious team effort, its style, energy and execution. It was also fascinating to see how an English and Dutch audience may have responded differently to various moments; i.e. where humour was found.  Regardless, the show was excellent and speaks of a need for more English theatre in Europe 

@Blackeyedtheatr loved your production of #janeeyre ! Superb cast and well produced! Hopefully you’ll be back next year with another production! @TheaterVrijthof #AINSI 

@Blackeyedtheatr @tvmaastricht Well done to all, keep up the great performances 

“ Just watched an amazing production of Jane Eyre @LutonTheatre. Really need to do this much more often. Not just Jane Eyre though as that would be niche 

“ Having a ravishing time at @Blackeyedtheatr‘s production of Jane Eyre at @LutonTheatre. The atmosphere and direction and cast, all spectacular! 

“ We saw the Friday performance of Jane Eyre in the lovely Georgian Theatre at Bury St Edmunds last week. We have been a bit disappointed with live theatre lately, some pretty lack lustre shows, but this one has shown us again just how wonderful it can be. Please pass on our thanks to the cast and crew, it was a really engrossing evening, terrific pace and mood, wonderful performances, and a really  great adaptation of the story. The theatre was filled with school age students and we were expecting a pretty fidgety disrespectful audience. They were held spell-bound, could not have been better behaved (well, one mobile phone, buy hey-ho!), and only because of the quality of the show. Thank you to all concerned, well done, and good luck for the future. 

“ Loved the show tonight; fantastic cast and an incredible adaptation. My absolute favourite novel and the play didn’t disappoint 

“ We loved your brilliant adaptation of Jane Eyre yesterday at Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds( afternoon performance) Such talent – acting, singing and musicianship. It was my daughter’s first Bronte – she’ll be showing off her thespian and classic literature credentials with her other year 7 friends now. Good luck with the rest of the tour 

“ This afternoon I took myself off on a solo theatre trip to see Jane Eyre from the @Blackeyedtheatr company at the @TheatreRoyalBSE. Well, I’m glad I went on my own, because I cried at least four times (despite having read the book approx. 367 times). Fabulous 

@Blackeyedtheatr and @TheatreRoyalBSE One of the best evenings @TheatreRoyalBSE. The loud applause at the intermission and at the end was well deserved, thank you @Blackeyedtheatr hope to see you all again soon 

“ Thank you @Blackeyedtheatr – we enjoyed your production of #JaneEyre tonight @TheatreRoyalBSE. Impressed by the performances and musicianship of the whole cast and the set was terrific 

“ I had a ‘child free’ night out last night and even a glass of wine. Jane Eyre (by @Blackeyedtheatr at @TheatreRoyalBSE) was amazing. Jane and Edward has great chemistry and the set was really inventive x #janeeyre #mummysnightoff #FridayFeeling 

“ Saw your performance tonight and it was amazing. I am a huge Jane Eyre fan and thought your adaptation was fantastic. All the actors were brilliant and I loved the little comedy moments. Fab chemistry between Jane and Edward. Thank you x 

“ I saw this tonight in Bury St Edmunds. A great adaptation, with excellent performances from the whole cast. Highly recommended! 

“ I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the performance of Jane Eyre last night at the Towngate Theatre in Basildon. The cast were brilliant and the atmosphere they created on stage was amazing. It really was one of the best plays I have ever seen 

“ Saw this last night in Basildon and loved every minute of it. The cast were amazingly talented and multi skilled. It is my favourite book so I was looking forward to this and it didn’t disappoint. Thank you for a wonderful production 

“ Had the pleasure of seeing this tonight in Basildon & I have to say it was a truly magnificent performance by all cast members very talented & flawless all the way through..very enjoyable! 

“ Congratulations to all for a superb afternoon performance at Southport Atkinson theatre yesterday. The quality of the acting and musical versatility of the cast was a joy to behold. Kelsey Short’s Jane beautifully captured the essence of the character conveying strength and vulnerability in equal measure. Will be looking forward to future productions by Blackeyed Theatre. A truly professional and amazingly talented company 

“ Loved this performance, matinee Sat 9th Nov. The actors were so believable each played different roles – their memories! 1st Act was cruelly authentic, whilst 2nd was upliftingly peaceful; loved how the sisters took the micky out of vicar St John! Watching out for this company 

“ Really enjoyed the performance last night at the @AtkinsonThe in Southport… Only thing that annoyed us was that the cast could also sing, play musical instruments as well as act. Just showing off basically… Highly recommended. Fantastic production. Thank you 

“ Saw the show on Wednesday – mesmerising x SO talented, loved every minute. If you haven’t seen it yet GO! Well done Blackeyed Theatre you guys are incredible xxx 

“ Incredible performance tonight in Southport!! Thanks xx 

“ Stupendous production by a highly gifted group. Captivating from beginning to end. Couldn’t recommend more! 

“ Jane Eyre by @Blackeyedtheatr was remarkable – so dynamic, resourceful and slick! A gorgeous adaptation with an amazing cast 

“ Fantastic show at the Gala Theatre in Durham, mesmerising x Can I just add I am a huge fan of Mr Rochester’s trousers #frontrow #amazingview 

“ We enjoyed a trip to Dundee Rep this evening to see a production of Jane Eyre. A fantastic adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s novel and especially brilliant for those studying this text for Nat 5. Our pupils were a credit to the school 

“ Very proud of the 38 pupils from S3-6 we took to the Dundee Rep last night to see Jane Eyre. The performance was excellent and the pupils were a credit to the school. #proud #KHSResponsible 

“ Saw this last night absolutely outstanding. Production just superb. Go now and see not to be missed x 

“ Saw this on Monday a fantastic production in all aspects, acting, singing and musically … A must see can’t praise it enough 

“ Went last night. A briilliant production and what talented performers!👏🏻 Highly recommend seeing this! 

“ We came last night to see this. Absolutely outstanding and not to be missed ❤ 

“ Brilliant performance from the entire cast, multi talented, bilingual and a great evening had by all in attendance! Deserves to be sold out every performance 

“ Fantastic production! first class acting, singing and musicality too! 

“ Just home after watching this fabulous production. Dont miss it 

“ Excellent! The audience were completely silent the whole way through – and a long performance! 

“ I was mesmerised by tonight’s production. As a teenager I was lucky enough to see many wonderful productions at Olivier’s Old Vic. However, tonight’s production, for me, ranks among them. The set was ingenious and the actors were tremendous. Never once did I fail to believe I was watching Mrs Fairfax, who moments before had been one of the Rivers sisters. I was so sad that the audience was small. These actors must have a wonderful future ahead of them. Thank you for bringing this production to the Rep. I feel very lucky to have seen it 

I saw Jane Eyre at the Haymarket theatre Basingstoke Saturday night, and I was blown away! Jane Eyre is my all time favourite book so you might understand that I’d be a tough audience to please. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, the cast did more than do it justice. All individual performances and characters were so believable, and the transition from one character to another was flawless. It amazed me how talented these actors/actresses are, not only playing so many quite diverse parts but also playing the accompanying music. I have always loved the story of Jane Eyre, and seeing it brought to life, just as I imagined it, was amazing. Well done to all the cast and crew involved. I loved it so much I might book tickets for Newbury next week

“ I saw Jane Eyre in Basingstoke on Friday night.  It was such an emotional captivating adaptation, with amazing dexterity of the cast playing numerous roles and instruments creating a real feast for the senses.  Please convey my sincere thanks and congratulations to the cast and production crew 

“ Just back from watching, what a brilliant show! Clever staging, very talented cast and a lovely adaptation. Well done to all involved

“ Just finished watching Jane Eyre by the @Blackeyedtheatr at @ShanklinTheatre. Reader, she married him. It was exceptional, I’m quite overcome. Jane was beyond brilliant. It was stunning, we are huge fans of the novel, you absolutely did it justice, I would sit and watch that performance over again tomorrow! A very talented cast, such a clever set and score. But, Jane… she was straight from the page, she was exactly right. Perfect 

“ Wow what an incredible show , very innovative, superb performances. Thank you so much for bringing this to Shanklin 

“ Hi. My friend and I saw your company in sign of four at the Norwich playhouse and can to the marina yesterday to see jane Eyre. Both superb. You’re all so talented. We loved them both. You’re all so versatile xx 

“ Saw this Thursday evening, it was truly amazing. The company are so talented. My friends and I would watch future productions from them if they come to the Marina.
Well done Blackeyed Theatre Company 

“ It was truly an amazing play I loved every minute of it very well played by only 5 very talented people well done all of you 

“ Loved it this evening. Absolutely brilliant. Funny and very moving. Thank you to the cast! 

“ This is the third production I have enjoyed from this particular company. Talented and imaginative 

“ I was there for the matinee performance today. It was fabulous. Such talented actors! They were fantastic, they pulled me right into the story. I loved it 

“ Saw the production today at Norwich. You were all brilliant! I throughly enjoyed the play, crafted so well. I was drawn right into the tale. When Bertha first appeared on the stage it sent an icy chill up my spine; the ending had me in tears and the music was fab. So much talent. Well done! Thank you 

“ My friend and I saw the show today at the Playhouse in Norwich. It was utterly brilliant. The acting was fantastic and the adaptation absolutely spot on. Really high quality performance and very much enjoyed. Thanks and well done! 

“ I saw Jane Eyre at The Norwich Playhouse two days ago. Thank you for a magical evening. The clever use of the minimal stage to tell the story caused me to recollect playing as a child; where a small room or suburban garden, would expand with our imagination. It was a quite unexpected response on my part and added to my enjoyment of the overall production 

“ Jane Eyre at @norwichplay was wonderful! we three trainee English teachers thoroughly enjoyed – bravo to all! 

“ I was fortunate enough to have front row seats for last night’s performance of Jane Eyre, one of my favourite books. May I say it was an absolute pleasure to attend. The acting Was first class and so convincing, it reduced me to tears in the final scene. My young daughter, 12, accompanied us and she was spellbound. Thank you so, so much 

“ Just returned……Outstanding, Marvellous, Magnificent… moved to tears! 

“ Wow! What an amazing performance I witnessed tonight! Thought I’d treat myself by buying tickets to see Jane Eyre, due to currently studying the text at uni; and what a good decision that was. Nick Lane has done an awesome job of adapting this text for the stage and the @blackeyedtheatre company do it justice. With only 5 actors present on stage, they do an incredible job of drawing in the audience through sadness and comedy and they deliver an amazing 2 hours and 20 minutes (excluding the interval time) of acting, singing, choreography and playing instruments. When I saw ‘The Sign of Four’ last year at @norwichplayhouse I knew this theatre company was amazing, so when I found out that they were coming back with another classic, I knew I had to get tickets. With it only being on for three days, you haven’t got long to go and see it, but if you can I would highly recommend it; as the cast deliver an incredible evening. Congrats to all involved and thank you for doing an amazing job 

“ Had really enjoyed the performance this Saturday evening. Multi talented acting! Not to be missed….. 

“ Great show, wonderful acting, catch it anywhere you can. Usual great service from the Broadway team too 

“ Fabulous production last night, everything outstanding. Hope we see you in the Garden City with your future shows. Wonderful interpretation, acting, set, all superlative 

“ My parents went to see the production at Malvern and thought it extremely original and clever, especially in its approach to music and dialogue. Performed by a small cast with several of the actors playing multiple roles, there were strong performances from everyone but especially from the lead Kelsey Short. Thank you for a wonderful night of stand-out entertainment to everyone concerned 

“ Saw this yesterday at the Hertford Theatre – brilliant! Such a talented and professional group 

“ Just seen an enthralling production of Jane Eyre by @Blackeyedtheatr at @hertfordtheatre. Multi-talented versatile cast, never missed a beat in fast-paced 2 hour show. They INHABITED their roles and swept me up 

“ A timely reminder of what a great novel this is, interpreted beautifully by a top notch ensemble. BRAVO @Blackeyedtheatr 

“ This afternoon, Miss Ferguson took the Year 8 Drama Scholars to Hertford Theatre to see a captivating and powerful production of Jane Eyre performed by the Blackeyed Theatre Company 

“ Loved tonight’s production of Jane Eyre at Hertford theatre. All the best for the rest of the run 

 ‪Hi, I watched Jane Eyre at the Rhodes, Bishop’s Stortford. I thought it was terrific, I regret being so British and not giving a standing ovation. Thank you so much for the performance

“ I just had to write to say I saw your production of jane eyre at the Rhodes Bishops Stortford last night and wanted to tell you how brilliant I thought it was. All the actors, without exception, were so talented. Not only playing multiple parts with different accents but also musically excellent. It was the best production I have seen in a very long time. Well done! 

“ Just spent a magical evening watching one of the most talented casts I’ve ever seen (@Blackeyedtheatr) performing Jane Eyre @MalvernTheatres. It’s going on tour until June next year so go if you can! 

“ Such a tender interpretation @Blackeyedtheatr tonight @MalvernTheatres – gothic, clever staging, utterly compelling. The tour has only just begun… 

Just got in from seeing @Blackeyedtheatr production of Jane Eyre @MalvernTheatres. Just so good. Live music really made it come to life. We loved it

“ Many thanks to the cast of Jane Eyre. We saw your production in Bishops Stortford. It was beautifully done, very cleverly staged and so imaginatively realised using music which was so important to the Bronte sisters. Lovely performances… I took my daughter who was so impressed by how much the cast did and how clearly the play presented quite a convoluted plot. So clever, we really loved it. 

 ‪This is a wonderful production; such talented performers, lovely production for young and old book worms. Delightful cast 

“ Wow! Jane Eyre was fabulous. Beautifully acted and directed. People – look up the tour dates and go and see this production. 

“ A brilliant production of Jane Eyre. Absolutely loved it 

“ What a beautifully crafted production. Loved it. Well done everyone, have a fabulous tour 

 ‪Wow wow wow!!! It was incredible! Really beautiful! Well done and good luck for the tour! X 

“ Fabulous performance, so talented xx 

 ‪A fantastic theatre production! 

“ A stunning piece of theatre! 

“ ‪Really enjoyable evening at @southhillpark last night, watching the opening night of @Blackeyedtheatr new adaptation of Jane Eyre. Have a wonderful tour, it’s a terrific production! 

” ‪The girls were ‘raving’ about the production all the way home in the coach. They felt that it was the ‘best yet’ – probably because of the many substantial female characters in the production and we are a girls’ school after all and always on the lookout for female roles for script extracts! Even the Maths and French teacher who accompanied me are still talking about the “wonderful performances” today – I think I may have a few more converts to the world of Theatre… “

“ @Blackeyedtheatr @southhillpark congratulations on an excellent production of Jane Eyre and all the best with the tour 

“ Saw it last night. Absolutely superb