Blue Remembered Hills

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by Dennis Potter

Cast – Paul Taylor, Simon McCartan, Julian Hirst, Tom Neill, Hannah Robertson, Gerri Farrell, Adrian McDougall

Director Mark Holliday

In the summer or 1943, warplanes battle to control the skies of England. Below them in the Cornish countryside, seven children, all played by adults, play, squabble, laugh and cry; their silly games and innocent pranks detached from the world around them. But innocence is a fragile thing, even in a world of make-believe.

From the pen of Dennis Potter comes this hilarious and very moving play about childhood innocence and the magic we leave behind. Featuring a talented cast, a brilliant script and a fair dollop of youthful mischief, it’s one not to miss.

This summer, relive the hazy daze of youth. Join Blackeyed Theatre in the beautiful grounds of South Hill Park Arts Centre for a truly memorable evening of theatre.

Last one there’s a rotten egg!