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by Steven Berkoff

A World Première

Cast – Matthew Rowlands-Roberts, Alison George, Derek Elwood, Adrian McDougall

Arguably the greatest Greek tragedy of them all, Oedipus – even today – is universal and ground-breaking. As the legend that breaks the ultimate taboo, it’s an epic journey of emotion, from the pinnacles of love to the depths of despair, exploring the very basis of who we are.

Now, for the very first time, Steven Berkoff’s thundering adaptation of the Oedipus legend is brought to the stage by acclaimed company, Blackeyed Theatre. Faithful to the original and told with the same power of classical Greek theatre, Berkoff’s incredible play offers a modern edge, with an Oedipus incapable of seeing the inevitable truth and condemned not only by fate but by his own arrogance and self-importance. Unknowingly and unstoppably, he seals his own downfall as events build to a gripping, unforgettable climax.

High octane drama, stunning design and fantastic live music make this an evening of theatre to stir the soul!

Director Bart Lee
Composer Ron McAllister
Designer Victoria Spearing
Lighting Designer Charlotte McClelland