Naomi Gibbs

Category: Costumiers


Naomi is a costume designer from Southsea, in residency at the historic New Theatre Royal Portsmouth. There, she leads a team of freelance makers’, building costumes for new productions and clients in the entertainment and music industries all year round. She’s been designing for stage for over a decade and working with Blackeyed theatre since 2016. In 2009 Naomi set up her costume design business ‘Society Belle’ which has recently expanded to form a collective of skilled professionals under the name ‘Portsmouth Costumiers’.

Other costume design credits include; Moon Language (Stopgap Dance Company, Siobhan Hayes), Hypozeuxsis (FunkFormat, Sasha Biloshisky), The Strange Case of Doctor a Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Blackeyed Theatre, Nick Lane), Beauty and the Beast (New Theatre Royal Portsmouth, Scott Ramsay), Teechers (Blackeyed Theatre, Adrian McDougall), Jane Eyre (Blackeyed Theatre, Adrian McDougall), Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four, (Blackeyed Theatre, Nick Lane), Peter Pan, (New Theatre Royal Portsmouth, Scott Ramsay) Grimm Tales (South Hill Park, Julian Hirst), The Nutcracker (New Theatre Royal Portsmouth, Scott Ramsay), Aladdin (South Hill Park, Adam Stafford).

For a more comprehensive look at Naomi’s work, visit www.societybelle.co.uk