Effie’s Burning

Category: Past Shows




by Valerie Windsor

Cast – Lin Blakley, Gerri Farrell

Director Mark Holliday

Dr Ruth Kovacs is harassed – not only is she desperately trying to keep up with her fellow medical students and deal with her pompous and bullying consultant Mr Jessop-Brown, she has been given responsibility for a new and decidedly un-cooperative patient on the ward. Namely Effie Palmer, a 64-year old lady with a mental age of 10, who has been admitted to hospital suffering from severe burns after setting fire to the bed in her residential home. As the two women build a relationship, Doctor Kovacs begins to uncover a background of injustice, bigotry and callousness that will change her life forever. Telling the heart-wrenching story of Effie’s life, Valerie Windsor’s play is a funny, poignant and extremely moving piece of theatre.