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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Online Access for Schools

This page is for schools access to the Jekyll & Hyde digital education pack. To watch the show on demand and for information about the live tour, click here.

Our much anticipated 2020 revival of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde is coming this September! Produced, performed and filmed at The Wilde Theatre in Bracknell, this HD, multi-angle recording will be available for schools to licence for the 2020/2021 academic year, along with a whole series of videos specifically designed to support teachers and students either studying the text as part of an English Literature course, or choosing the production for the live review element for Drama or Performing Arts. Through talks, Q&As and interviews with the director, cast and artistic team, we’ll explore language, form, structure, characters, historical context, performance style, devices and much more. Here’s a short trailer:

Doctor Henry Jekyll is a good man. Successful within his field and respected by his peers, he’s close to a neurological discovery that will change the face of medical science forever. However, his methods are less than ethical, and when a close friend and colleague threatens to expose and destroy his work, Jekyll is forced to experiment on himself, whereupon something goes very wrong…or very right. And suddenly Jekyll has a new friend, the brutal Edward Hyde.

A thrilling adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s dark psychological fantasy, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde immerses you in the myth and mystery of 19th century London’s fog-bound streets where love, betrayal and murder lurk at every chilling twist and turn. Gripping, stylish and thought-provoking, this is unmissable theatre. Go on. Treat your dark side!

Recommended for age 11+

Running time: 2 hours approx

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Full show

Recorded at the Wilde Theatre, Bracknell, on 18 September 2020, The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde is Blackeyed Theatre’s acclaimed, fully-staged adaptation of Robert Louis-Stevenson’s famous novella, an HD multi-camera capture, recorded in front of a live theatre audience.

Running time: 120 minutes

For English Literature


Blake Kubena (Jekyll/Hyde), Zach Lee (Utterson) and Ashley Sean-Cook (Lanyon) analyse their characters, drawing on evidence from the novella, including a focus on the characters’ journeys, motivations, relationships and physical attributes within the context of the era.

Running time: TBC

Themes and Symbols

Paige Round discusses the themes and symbols prevalent in the novella with a focus on how they’re presented and why they’re important, with reference to characters, plot and the context of the time. Paige includes examples of where they appear throughout the piece and which themes affect certain characters.

Themes: Scientific Development, Good vs Evil, Duality, Natural/Supernatural, Repression/Reputation/Secrecy, Innocence/Violence, Friendship/Loyalty

Symbols: Mist and Moonlight, Appearance of Evil, Letters and Documents, Religion

Running time: TBC

Form, Style, Language and Historical Context

Adapter and Director, Nick Lane, explores the original novella, including the plot, Stevenson as a writer and his personal life, as well as the historical context for the novella. He also focuses on Form (the writer’s use of perspectives, first and third-person narrative and settings), structure and the language Stevenson uses.

Running time: TBC

For Drama / Performing Arts

Character and Performance Analysis

Each cast member explores their character, how they’re described in the novella, their views on the society, their relationships with other characters, their purpose in the play and how that fits with the time and style of the piece. They also provide a reviews of their own performance and analyse how well they felt they portrayed the character in certain scenes, referencing specific moments.

Running time: TBC

Director Commentary with Nick Lane

Director Nick Lane shares his vision for the play and what he wanted to capture from the Novella, including a focus on historical context, including views on gender and science, and ideas on style, characters, lighting and set. He also references certain moments, what he wanted to achieve and how successfully he felt he portrayed them through characters, props, set and lighting.

Running time: TBC

Lighting, Costume and Sound

Lighting Designer Claire Childs, Costume Designer Naomi Gibbs and Sound Designer Tristan Parkes analyse their roles and overall contribution to the production, referencing specific moments to explore what they felt worked particularly well and enhanced the performance.

Running time: TBC


Blake Kubena

Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde

Zach Lee

Gabriel Utterson

Paige Round

Eleanor Lanyon

Ashley Sean-Cook

Hastings Lanyon

Director – Nick Lane

Composer – Tristan Parkes

Movement, fight & Intimacy Director – Enric Ortuño

Set Designer – Victoria Spearing

Costume Designer – Naomi Gibbs

Original Lighting Designer – Claire Childs

Company Stage Manager – Jay Hirst

Production Associate – Duncan Bruce

Producer – Adrian McDougall

Live Streaming

Producer – Alex Harvey-Brown for Savannah Photographic

Producer – Stephen Harrison for SPH

Sound Engineer – Matthew Rogers